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Open letter to the UN

Open letter to the United Nations, to the EU Parliament, to Dutch Parliament, Dear members, I am a human, i am a citizen of the world, my family lived in Germany, in Syria, in Israel and also in Indonesia. My brother … Continue reading

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The only Shining star

The last days of the year, everybody celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas. A period of time that should give joy, happiness, hope.In the Jewish state you feel the joy, the spirit of life, people sing and dance. There it does not … Continue reading

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A dangerous subject

The sentiments regarding Israel are strong, very strong, it seems that everyone in this world has an opinion, but overall the idea is one can’t love Israel without being religious. A dangerous subject: Religion, is there anything else in this … Continue reading

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The old lady on the bus

The transportation system in Israel is rather good. Busses and trains are always available, the only trouble one can experience is the problems most Israeli’s have with lines. Where in most countries people wait patiently their turn, in Israel it … Continue reading

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