The way Out of Despair

The story of a courageous young businessman from Ramallah

I am Pro-Israel, I cannot understand people that are for a two-state solution…Palestine and Israel. The fact is that there is already a Palestine and that is the Kingdom of Jordan. Palestine was once a province of ancient Israel, named by a Roman Cesar that wanted to delegitimize Israel’s, Judea& Samaria… I thought there shouldn’t be a ‘palestine’ on Israeli Soil… I pointed to the Israeli Arabs, living in peace and harmony with the Jewish people and government….

But… I was blind or maybe narrow minded, last week I received a message from a young ‘Palestinian’ businessman .. He told me about his problems, how difficult life is in the “palestinian” Part of Judea&Samaria.. How little future young people have, how they cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. The man is a hardworking guy… not busy with hate or terrorism… He just wants to live, he wants to earn money, he wants to see his friends and the ones he loves happy and he wants to visit the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv to enjoy and hang out a little…. Just like all young people in the world can do… 

This touched me, he asked me, what must I do, how I can have a normal future, what is the solution.. The Palestinian Authority are criminals, enriching themselves, money from NGO’s is disappearing immediately in their pockets… I cannot get any loans from the banks, Tell me what should I Do.. Business is getting so bad, that I have to let go of my employees, mostly married men, without any money or hope to find another job… This leads to violence… 

I must say, I never looked at it this way… It is the truth… Poverty leads to violence, to terrorism…. And then the circle is closed again, How we should change this? I thought about this a couple of nights and came with a solution. What if Israel would ask the help of the new peace partners, UAE, Bahrain? They are Arabs and can reach the people more easily than the Israeli Jews, maybe there is more trust in them. Make sure, Israel will take the whole Judea& Samaria back, and dismiss the PA, with help and support from UAE and Bahrain. After that, Declare this area, what is now the PA territory a new Province, under federal Israeli rule but with an own Provincial government of ‘ palestinians’ then the situation is back to how it was… Palestinians are a part of the United States of Israel… and can live in peace and harmony…  

This might be a perfect solution… Anyway… Read the sad story of the Palestinian Businessman from Ramallah… ( i cannot tell his name, sadly enough that will endanger him a lot)  


Like other Palestinian youth who learned worked hard and tried to have their own work to live a decent and happy life, I started my business in 2009 in the city of Ramallah, I work in the sector of Real Estate and Marketing, after 11 years of work I found myself without a vision and hope, even my business is successful and I have done many wonderful things, but there are several reasons that made me lost, The bad political and economic situation

 and the healthy recently, actually we were tired and bored of playing with us as young people who wanted to live like other young people in neighboring countries,11 years and more I hear our head of state who repeats and repeats the same speech and our government that has nothing but talk and lie to us and gains more time, and from politicians who don’t want to give any role to others, as if they are the only geniuses n the world, and for information they achieved nothing but more hatred, poverty, and oppression, more humiliation and despair.

The Palace from the leader of the PA… Here the money is what this young businessman so desperately needs

all young people in the world are actually supported and not in words, and governments have harnessed all possibilities for the advancement of young people except us, more words and words,.In the end, we are left alone to fight until we do not return to zero or even less, by way,they are the first to fight us, they didn’t stop collecting taxes and not give the salary to their employees and took a lot of loans from banks and making facilities for he capitalist companies in which they are already partners, there are many more reasons why we are lost and do not know our way

Recently, I stopped hearing them, and all I want is to live and move in peace and see our cities better because we deserve it and to protect my family and my business that I have worked so hard to build and feel I can fulfill my dreams again.


This message of this man, should be spread all over Israel, All over the world.. Europe should stop sending money to the PA and should start to cooperate with Israel to remove the PA and give the power back to the people that want to build up the country, instead of break it down… Let peace spread like a virus, also for the Arabs in Gaza and Judea&Samaria..

About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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  1. mosckerr says:

    The Yom Kippur War lasted 16 to 18 days. The June War by contrast only lasted 6 days. Why did the Israeli Army stop about 60 miles from Cairo?

    During the cease fire negotiations, the American Secretary of State, informed the Egyptians that Israel had bullets for 9 days. This War caused a huge trauma. Egyptian Arab pride, dignity, and honor — restored by Sadat when Israel agreed to return the captured Sinai. Never back your enemy into a corner – no other choice but to fight. The Egyptians fought well, very well, and still suffered crushing defeats which resulted in Israel surrounding an Egyptian army. Just as Israel did not march its troops into Cairo, so too Israel did not crush and humiliate the Egyptian 3rd Army.

    TEL AVIV, Oct. 25 — The Egyptian III Corps, estimated to number 15,000 to 30,000 men, remained trapped by the Israelis today, unable to acquire fresh supplies of water and food.

    It was generally felt here that the plight of the Egyptian force was at the root of the increasingly tense international situation, in which the Soviet Union threatened to send troops to the Middle East and the United States warned it against doing so.

    Israel announced that she planned to supply the encircled Egyptians with blood plasma but said that they were in no immediate danger of dying of thirst or hunger.

    Israeli spokesmen also said that there was no fighting or violation of the cease‐fire by either side during the day on either the Egyptian or the Syrian fronts and that the United ations Truce Supervision Organization’s observer teams were moving into position.

    Egypt’s III Corps is cut off in a narrow pocket on the eastern bank of the Suez Canal south of the Great Bitter Lake and in a small enclave embracing the city of Suez at the southern end of the canal.

    If the isolation of the Egyptian force is very much prolonged, the III Corps might be forced to surrender or ask for free passage through Israeli lines.

    Such a move would reduce Egypt’s holdings on the eastern hank of the canal, all of which she had seized soon after the war began on Oct. 6, to a narrow strip running from Qautara to a point opposite Ismailia—only about one‐quarIsmailia—only about one‐quarter of the canal’s 100‐mile length.

    To prevent this, Israeli sources pointed out, Egypt must hope to force Israel to relax at least partially the stranglehold her forces west of the canal have around the III Corps positions. This, the sources said, explained Egypt’s demand in the United Nations for a restoration of the ceasefire lines of last Monday and the reports that Soviet forces might be introduced into the area.

    Israel announced that although the Egyptian troops were unable to get food and water, they were in no immediate danger of dying of thirst or hunger. The Israelis said they planned to provide the encircled troops with blood plasma.

    Editors’ Picks

    The New York Times
    By Charles Mohr Special to The New York Times

    Oct. 26, 1973

    Trapped Egyptian Force Seen at Root of Problem
    About the ArchiveThis is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions.

    Israeli Movements

    Israeli sources have conceded that their army west of the Suez canal advanced nine miles to encircle the city of Suez on Tuesday and then drove further to the port of Adabiya, to the southwest, totally isolating the Egyptian III Corps. They said that the Israelis had moved only after Egyptian forces had violated the ceasefire, which began at 6:52 P.M. local time Monday.

    But, 4n Israeli officer, said, by Monday evening the Israeli Army had not only got astride the two main roads from Suez city westward to Cairo but had also reached a point where a third, subsidiary, road winding through mountains to the coast south of Suez city reaches the main roads.

    “Even if we moved back to the positions of Monday night we would still have land communications effectively cut,” said the source. “That junction was, from the start, the main objective of our armored force after it crossed the canal and began swinging south.”

    In his news conference in Washington today Secretary of State Kissinger said that the United States had already supported and would continue to support resolutions in the United Nations Security Council calling for a return to the Monday night cease‐fire positions.

    Grave Displeasure

    As seen from Tel Aviv, however, the United States has shown a grave displeasure at the prospect of the use of Soviet troops to intimidate Israel into such a withdrawal.

    One official said, about the possibility that Soviet troops might be put into the area: “We are not oblivious of what, is going on around us, but we are not going to make any decision about cease‐fire lines until we have to.”

    Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told journalists who accompanied him on a trip to the Israeli enclave on the western bank of the canal that “Israel has not been and is not fighting Russians but rather Egyptians and Syrians.”

    Although the United States was publicly committed to the Security Council resolution calling for a restoration of the Monday cease‐fire lines, some sources here said that the United States had not made private, direct demands on Israel.

    Unusual Cabinet Session

    However, the Israeli Cabinet was called into an unusual session at 6 A.M. local time today and met for four hours to discuss what informants said was a message from the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Simcha Dinitz.

    An Israeli military spokesman, Col. Nachman Karni, said tonight that Egypt had requested the International Committee of the Red Cross to ask Israel to permit the shipment of blood plasma to the isolated III Corps for wounded men.

    Colonel Karni said that “it was found to be quite complicated” for Egyptian helicopters to reach their own forces with the plasma.

    He said that Israel had agreed to furnish the plasma, which would be delivered as soon as practicable by Israeli or Red Cross vehicles on the ground.

    Israeli spokesmen several days ago began to refer to the isolated forces as the Third Army. In military jargon a more precise word, informants agreed, would be that it was a corps—a formation of two to four divisions. Two or more corps constitute an army.

    The isolated III Corps is known to include the best units in the Egyptian Army—the Fourth Armored Division and at least one infantry division.

    Colonel Karni said today that “they are not starving or dying of thirst,” although Israel has cut the water pipelines to the eastern bunk. He said that as well‐organized military formation the corps had gone into battle with water‐tank trucks and food. He said he could not, however, estimate how long these would last.

    The colonel was asked if Israel’s military leaders would oppose by force any attempt by Egypt to go over Israeli‐controlled territory to resupply her forces in the isolated pocket.

    He said, “You have got me indeep water,” but then indicated that, on humanitarian grounds, Israel would probably not deny water and food to the III Corps when needed.

    However, other Israelis made it clear, that Israel would be much more ready to supply water and food herself than to permit Egyptian safe transit to do so.

    “You must remember,” said a well‐informed source, “that cease‐fires are nothing new in the Middle East. In the 1948 war of independence there were several and the Arabs always opposed permitting us to resupply Jewish Jerusalem.”

    He recalled that Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser, later the President of Egypt, had been among Egyptian troops isolated in a pocket in the 1948‐49 war who had been denied resupply by the Israelis and had marched, disarmed, out of their encirclement.

    There was no sense of public alarm or panic in Israel about the strains between the United States and the Soviet Union. Israeli spokesmen said that they had no independent intelligence that Soviet forces were on their way to Egypt.

    Jewish Groups to Hold Joint Drive for Israel

    Mayor John V. Lindsay joined two Jewish philanthropic organizations yesterday in announcing a $280‐million fund‐raising campaign to aid Israel.

    The money, raised by the United Jewish Appeal and the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, will also be used to meet local educational, health and social service needs, according to Laurence A. Tisch, the U.J.A. President.

    At a news conference at U.J.A. headquarters, the Mayor said the $280‐million goal was “critically important.”

    He said news of the drive would be a boost for Israeli morale “as tremendous as any sought for military or political victory.”

    The campaign Is to begin immediately and last, through most of next year.

    Israel does not seek to rule an empire. Israeli leadership plays the long game to work together with Arabs and Muslims. Should Israeli forces capture an Arab Capital City, force an unconditional Arab surrender. Israel has backed Arab pride and honor into a corner. Israel seeks Arab prosperity. To cause the dessert to bloom. Which dessert? The Sinai and Sahara dessert. To free Egyptian farm land crop production from the waters of the Nile river. The Nile dam dispute threatens a war of exhaustion for Egypt. Israel agreed to return the Sinai, under the leadership of Prime Minister Begin, in exchange for the pride and honor of Egyptian peace with Israel.

    The bravery of President Sadat, cost him his life. But Israel following the horrors of the October War of ’73, has come to respect the strength and integrity of Egyptian pride and honor. Egypt the first Arab country who rejected ‘blood libel’ slander and lies. Causing climate change. Rain in Sinai and Sahara = forests, and crops. Egypt need not necessarily have to fight an African War over the waters of the Nile river. Syria, has it not similarly witnessed similar behavior by the rulers of Turkey?

    The Canal Project joining the Mediterranean Sea with the Salt Sea could serve as the shared mutual interests, the cement that binds an Israeli/Egyptian economic alliance. The objective of the alliance to cut a wide deep canal. To convert a large percentage of Mediterranean water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases. Causing those new Sea Waters to mix well with the brine water of the Dead Sea.

    Israeli education of captured stateless Arab refugee populations would in the future focus their education upon agriculture education. Arab pride and honor demands that Arab and Muslim followers of the Koran repatriate their stateless Arab refugee populations following the Israeli victory of its 2nd Independence 1967 War. Israel seeks that Egypt, together with the States of Northern Africa forge a working trade route which succeeds to accomplish the primary trade of Israel with Egypt and North Africa.

    A trade route that unites the economies of Egypt to Western Sahara. This trade route could quickly expand and include other countries, forging an economic union comparable to the EU. The unique quality of the Jewish State, HaShem has a brit to cause the rains to fall in their due season and places. This blessing of the Jewish State therefore in possession of the power required to cause it rain consistently in the Sinai and Sahara. The dignity and honor of the Jewish State no less than the dignity and honor of Saudi Arabia. But unlike the European barbarians who expelled Jews from living within their lands, destitute and suffering absolute poverty. Israel commits to educating our stateless captured Arab refugee populations in agriculture.

    To bring rain to the Sinai and the Sahara transforms the Africa into an economic power house. Once crops grow on these former dessert lands, Africa will need share croppers. The captured stateless Arab refugee populations, they leave Israel with dignity and honor – Israel gives respect to these repatriated people. The new Arab citizens of North Africa, they return to their people and homelands employed as trained farmers.


    • mosckerr says:

      The most basic explanation of why Pelosi — the Democratic Speaker of the House — lead the revolt against the Presidency of Trump. How US strategic interests sharply contrast with Israeli strategic interests.
      September 11, 1990, George Bush spoke to the Congress and the world. In his speech, George declared a “new world order”, as he prepared for war. All US Administrations, Republican or Democrat have embraced this “new world order”. Comes President Trump, together with his ‘America First’ agenda which totally rejects this “new world order”, first established by Mad George.

      Past the fancy political rhetoric narishkeit,,, what actually defines the concept of “new world order”? Answer: an economic union between Mexico\United States/ and Canada. The Trump vision of ‘America First’, rejected as crazy the “new world order” favored by Mad George. The America First foreign policy of President Trump attempt to regulate the movement of illegal refugees, their efforts to flee to the US, primarily directed toward entrance through the border between Mexico and the US. Mad George, guided by the Dick, pulled a bait and switch upon the American people, after the false flag attack of 9\11, most probably under the guidance and leadership of the Dick, Mad George illegally bombed and invaded Iraq. A country which had absolutely no connection what so ever with 9\11. Mad George employed this foreign invasion, comparable to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, as a smoke screen to conceal the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Based upon the premise that Domestic Policy issues “always” trumps Foreign Policy issues.

      The torture of captured prisoners — Bush Administration, his ”new world order” did not limit itself to invading countries which might somehow threaten the continued domination of the US petro-dollar monopoly in the Middle East. The concept of “new world order” came home to roost as the later expressed Nafta trade agreement. To what does this rhetoric deception compare? The post Civil War ”American Democracy” imposed upon the Constitution together with the Corporate Monopoly Lobbies which today write the Bills which corrupt Congress persons and Senators present to Congress. The electoral college and not the democratic popular vote ultimately determines who sits as President of the United States. The electoral college definitively proves that America remains, despite the damned Yankee victory, primarily a Republic rather than a democracy. For a brief explanation of the electoral college []. States Rights Washington Bites.

      What fundamentally distinguishes Strategic National Interests from Tactical National Interests? The latter represents the necessary steps required to achieve some immediate set and established goal. The former, it like the Constitution, serves as the foundation which defines the strategic long term interest of the nation. America, for example, borders Mexico and Canada and has the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for its borders. This reality remains a fixed constant in all generation of that nation upon the planet Earth.

      The British learned from the experience of the Revolutionary War, just how difficult the burden to maintain a military occupation and rule of a country separated from the motherland by thousands of miles distance. The post WWll Pax American empire, likewise in its own turn experienced the disgrace of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Military defeats of US imperialism, the attempts by ambitious men – addicted to the drug of power – to determine the international borders of nations distant and abroad from the United States.

      Strategic national interests compare to the basic conservative nature which the US written Constitution maintains. Yes its possible to subvert and change the Constitution without the trouble of passing an Amendment. Post Civil War Washington, for example, preferred to impose law and order through lobbies stationed in Washington, rather than restrict all Bills presented to Congress, limited to Bills which the Governors of the States or the State Legislatures favored and approved. Criminal George, America’s equivalent to that mad fool George III whose vile imperialism fomented the American Revolution, invaded Iraq to protect the petro-dollar monopoly whereby the US regulates all OPEC oil and gas sales limited to USD transactions.

      To effectively unite the economies of Mexico and Canada, to a shared dollar currency, with the purpose to join three countries economies into one Union, requires EU like open borders. Trump’s ‘America First’ policy rejected this “new world order”, which both the DemoRats and the imperialist Neo Con Republicans embrace and advidly favors. Mad George referred to the Constitution as “just a GD piece of paper”. George Washington (the only thing this great leader of the American people shares in common with Mad George – the common first name) advised against making entangling alliances with Europe.

      The DemoRat Wilson Administration of 1913, (a year before the explosion of the first European Civil War), he imposed a European style Central Banking upon the American revolution — which both Washington and Jefferson rejected European notion of State establishment monopolies,,, first and foremost the Central Banking Corporate monopoly. This Wilson Bill, destroyed the free banking revolution of Jeffersonian democracy; confirmed by President Andrew Jackson in 1825. On Christmas eve with a Rump Congress, the Wilson Administration imposed the counter revolutionary Central Banking monopoly, commonly known as the Federal Reserve; together with the Federal bureaucracy – known today as the Internal Revenue Service. America established in 1913 a “new world order”, an economic alliance which joined the Allied States of Europe together with the United States.

      America’s borders with Mexico and Canada exists as a fixed permanent condition. US strategic interests therefore closely respect the static National fixed interests; as opposed to the the dynamic\ever changing National interests represented by tactical policy decisions.

      Israel, by stark contrast to the United States strategic interests; its national strategic interests radically differ from those of the US because it shares multiple borders with Nation States with a history of strong hostility to the existence and continuance of the Jewish State. Leopards can not change their spots. The strategic interests of the Jewish State in the Middle East, to integrate our tiny nation into the economies of States of the Middle East and North Africa; Israel views the enemy ”’blood libel”’ propaganda of ‘Greater Israel’, with total and absolute disdain.

      Therefore the strategic interests of the Jewish Cohen Republic centers around the establishment of Israel as an effective ‘Middle Man’, which promotes and facilitates vibrant trade between all States in the Middle East and North Africa. Tactically for Israel to achieve this long term strategic objective, this requires building an economic marriage among the States and countries within this region, based upon transforming the States of this economic alliance into an agricultural bread basket of the planet Earth.

      Israel possesses the unique trait of being capable to make the deserts bloom in the Sinai and Sahara by moving, over time, the rain forests of South America unto the Sinai\Sahara deserts. The nation of Israel possesses this blessing, the power to cause rain to fall in its due time and season. Transforming deserts into fertile farmlands, this blessing Israel gives to our Arab and Muslim neighbors.


  2. mosckerr says:

    The Purpose of Writing this blog. To some degree bases itself upon the book: Six Days of War, by Michael B. Oren. P.2: While it may be useless to try to pinpoint the cause or causes of the Middle East war of 1967, one can describe the context in which that war became possible. Much like the hypothetical butterfly that, flapping its wings, gives rise to currents that eventually generate a storm, so, too, might small, seemingly insignificant events spark processes leading ultimately to cataclysm.

    View myself as a totally insignificant butterfly of a person. But this tiny, mostly ignored blog, hopes to spark public criticism of Reshonim scholarship decisions made and expressed through their commentaries written on the Talmud and T’NaCH literature. Yeshiva Orthodox education forbids criticism of these early secondary sources. This decision, it seems to me — just plain wrong. The current cat-fights within the Israeli Knesset, I bring as primary evidence that leadership decisions inspire open and critical debates.

    Any study of rabbinic scholarship, especially during the Middle Ages prior to Napoleon liberating our People from the war criminal ghetto gulags, merits criticism and close scrutiny. It takes two hands to clap. Despite the lack of physical evidence which supports this thesis, my gut tells me that church leadership alone in the 16th Century, could never have succeeded in implementing ghetto gulags, spread across Europe and Russia, without the support of Kapo like Jews – modeled after Max Naumann (12 January 1875 – May 1939), founder of Verband nationaldeutscher Juden. This disgrace for a human being compares to the likes of Benedict Arnold, John Amery, Harold Cole, Vidkun Quisling, Philippe Pétain etc., criminals who supported the Nazis, and assisted in the war against the Jews of Europe.

    The introduction of political Zionism late in the 19th Century, it serves as an example of the butterfly effect, which so aroused nationalism and international wars that followed thereafter. Rabbinic Orthodoxy’s reaction to Zionism so contrasts with their total failure to denounce and destroy the Ari false gnostic kabbala\forbidden additions to the sealed Jewish masoret. This radical mystic kabbala perverted the classic מעשה בראשית masoret, as expressed through the Siddur; it opened the gates of tuma which history refers to as the false messiah heresies. That gnostic kabbala butterfly effect produced, so to speak, a unique social chaos chain reaction which culminated in the Cossack pogroms of 1648.

    A study of history entails much more than people, dates, and places. Before the Peace of Westphalia (1648), the numerous German principalities under the Holy Roman Empire restricted and limited their autonomy; these principalities could not conduct foreign affairs that resulted mutual treaties with other countries or empires. The removal of these legal restrictions effectively transformed these German principalities into Independent States.

    According to Frank Chiang, The One-China Policy: State, Sovereignty, and Taiwan’s International Legal Status, 2018. Modern States share some four common features: (1) the people; (2) a territory in which the people inhabit; (3) a ruler—a king or a sovereign prince—who bears sovereignty; and (4) the capability to engage in relations with other States. It seems to me, that European hostile rhetoric propaganda seeks to subvert the Jewish State; by shoving these four rules, magically concealed through false but repeated declarations of “International Law”, which intend to turn Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem into a kind of “Foie Gras”! As if Israel exists as a domesticated goose under the authority of the EU, Russia, and UN.

    Arab refugees populations, captured as a consequence of the victory of the 2nd Israeli War of Independence, have no rights. The moral outrage expressed by European Capitals completely ignores the treatment Jews received under European rule for over 2000 years, which terminated in the Shoah\Final Solution. European Capital lost their First among equals, first world status – following their defeat in WW ll. Israel does not recognize the right of any European government to sit as a permanent member on the UN Security Council. Both London and Paris merit no respect, they both aided the Nazi war effort to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

    These dethroned and defrocked ‘Great Powers’, the moral cowardice of their leaders, openly encouraged the lessor States of Europe to follow suit. The same holds true with the Reshonim scholarship on the Talmud following the Rambam Civil War. The same chain of consequences resulted in the Yankee war of aggression against the South. The Yankee victors replaced a Constitutional Republic of States, with a corrupt democracy.

    This post Civil War democracy, continually expands the voting franchise unto individuals not politically educated, and who have little or no stake in the political decisions, that these ‘democratically elected leaders’ effect upon the lives of the People; lobbies have replaced Governors and State Legislatures as the dominating influence over the Federal Congress persons and Senators. Lobbies write the Bills which bribed Congressmen and Senators present to Congress. Herein defines the corruption of Washington which ultimately define American law.

    The Rambam Civil War produced a similar corrosive deterioration upon the scholarship of both the Talmud and T’NaCH. Rabbinic leadership thereafter gave but mere lip service to the contrasting kabbala masoret of פרדס ומעשה בראשית as did the post Civil War Yankee governments in Washington honor and respect States Rights. Yeshiva educated, and how much more so, the common man on the street, neither Jew has the slightest idea how the kabbala of מעשה בראשית defines the k’vanna required to da’aven through the Siddur; the mitzvot of kiddushin and get\agunah and all positive time oriented commandments דאורייתא ודרבנן.

    Rabbinic Judaism does not strive to define tohor, contrasted by tuma, middot. Despite the fact that the Gemara of ברכות emphatically teaches that tefillot function in the stead of korbanot. Today the rote ritual of da’avening tefilla duplicates the offering of a barbeque unto Heaven, whereby king Shaul defied the commandment of the prophet Shmuel, and profaned his anointing as the Moshiach. King Shaul effectively turned the Moshiach blessing, into a Torah curse; just as when the people who originally asked the prophet Shmuel for a king; and rain, during the dry season, immediately thereafter fell!

    In 1948 and 1967 secular Jewry secured victory for the Jewish people by winning our two wars of Independence. A tremendous accomplishment. But the continued home rule of the Jewish people upon these lands, based upon the Torah as our Constitutional masoret, requires from all generations of Jews thereafter, strive to establish: (1) The Torah as the Written Constitution of the Cohen Republic of States. (2) Rebuild the Cities of Refuge, and therein establish the lateral courts of common law; the small and Great Sanhedrin(s) authorized to impose lashes as the defining criminal code of Jewish law as opposed & contrasted by Penitentiary Ghettos which define the western codes of criminal justice. Justice must restore compensation for damages imposed – in a quick and fair manner by the lateral Common Law Courts. (3) Cut a canal which connects the Mediterranean with the Salt Sea; to cause rain to fall upon the Negev and Sahara deserts. The intent, to send the Arab refugee populations, currently temporarily residing within Israel, to farm these now fertile crop producing lands of North Africa. The Torah blessing of causing rain to give life unto barren Wilderness lands, promises to transform Egypt and North African States unto the main trading partners of the Cohen Republic of Israel.


  3. Barry A Simon says:

    You ignore Hamas, Jihad Islamiya and other rejectionist groups. I hope that you are not making a mistake. It’s possible that the Gulf Arab states would accept educated men and women who they could employ. However, Ramallah and other cities need educated people to govern their cities although some may in future employ them in Israel.


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