Pain comes in different forms and shapes; you have physical pain and mental pain.Physical pain is the easiest one to explain, you can measure that someone is ill, has a fever, maybe a wound that is clear for everybody to see. Still it is very blog6subjective, you have people with a very low pain threshold and ones with a very high pain threshold. Experiences of pain depends on your pain threshold, your sexe, your education and cultural background. We all agree on this.


But with mental pain it is so much different, how do we explain for example a broken heart, the feeling of being lonely and sad. How can we see in another person his or her suffering? In relation to Israel it seems always an issue… The Pallywood propaganda machine dedicates its entire existence in delegitimizing the suffering from the Jewish people in de past and in the present. It exaggeratepallywood-1728x800_c her own pain and by delegitimizing the suffering from Jewish people, from Israelis, they make themselves the biggest victims of injustice in this entire world and the world believes the libel and slander.

Well to the world i tell this:

  • Suffering is growing up with little or none family because all are murdered in the WW2
  • Suffering is growing up as a child from traumatized parents due to the Shoa
  • Suffering is longing to a safe home for the Jews but not able to reach that home
  • Suffering is getting discriminated and ridiculed and excluded only because you are Jewish
  • Suffering is always longing for peace but always get rejected
  • Suffering is forced to defend your country with your own body due to hate against you and your people
  • Suffering is getting your loved one killed, murdered because he is Jewish.
  • Suffering is working hard on the development of your country and it is torched by savages
  • Suffering is living in fear not knowing when the next red alert will sound and where the rocket will fall.
  • Suffering is always being the first when there is emergency aid necessary yet you will never be acknowledged
  • Suffering is not be able to walk without confrontations with Jew-hatred anywhere except for Israel.
  • Suffering is …..etc etc etc

This list of suffering is huge and even overwhelming but instead of getting into a depression and negative spirit, Jews in Israel are celebrating life. One of the reasons one should admire and love Israel is the flexibility of her beautiful people. Yes there is a lot wrong, like anywhere else in this world, mostly all men are macho, women in general are extremely assertive, children are rotten spoiled and Israelis almost never on time. ( excuse me for generalizing)

But where in this world I see the entire population celebrating when there is a plain entering Israel with on board new immigrants? “They”, the Israelis, do not stick in the row for the busstop, but if you are in trouble and reach out? Almost immediately someone Is there to help. Look to the contributions to the world in Hightech, Agriculture, Security, Emergency aid, Medicins. No other country in this world can level Israel.


Israel, the country that knows what suffering is, Israel the country that build herself beyond believes..Israel the only country that keeps my heart and soul forever


Am Yisrael Chai,..



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If the haters only could see

Israel, country of the sun, of the blooming desert, the joyful people, the melting pot of all cultures and religions.  Whenever I set foot on her soil, I instantly become happy, when I leave her the sadness enters my soul and tears keep running.

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Kibbutz Nir David

I walk in her streets and in her magnificent nature and always wonder how on earth it is possible that one hate her people so much that they are prepared to destroy everything they can destroy.

In Tel Aviv I slept in the Crown Sea hostel, a fantastic place close to the beautiful beach of this vibrating city.

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Crown Sea Hostel Tel Aviv

In this hostel I met people from numerous countries, most of them were for the very first time in the land of milk and honey. I met the hardworking owners and I met the Arabic (!!)man that is the real estate owner of a big part of this district of Tel Aviv.  His name is Abu Lafia, a friendly man that also owns the famous bakery in Yaffo. When a Russian guest of the hostel and me paid this bakery a visit we immediately got free bread and drinks from him, he is always prepared to say a friendly word when you see him at his daily visit to the owners  and friends of the Hostel ( Dudi & Barak).  This friendly, both feets on the earth man, is a multi-millionaire and an Arabic one.  Jews and Arabs living together in peace and harmony. The “Israel is an Apartheid state” fairytale can never stands under these circumstances.  If the haters only could see.

In the hostel I asked, curious as I am, to several people from several countries that were for the first time in Israel, what their opinion about Israel was prior to their visit and what is their opinion now.  Most of them were rather neutral in their opinion and were especially warned by family about the dangerous situation in Israel. One person an American Jewish leftwinged male from Texas was not Pro Israel at all, he choose to hide the target of his journey “Israel”.  I was shocked and started to tell him about the real situation of Israel, Gaza, Judea and Samaria  aka “Westbank” He told honestly that he loved the city Tel Aviv and was astonished about the variety of people, Jew,  Muslim, Christian, Secular, black, white, jellow… and the, for him, shocking reality entered his consciousness. The situation in Israel and the reality of the “conflict in the middle east” were totally different.  So totally different then what the Media is reporting on dailey basis.  After talking about one hour, tears were floating from his eyes and he realized with horror that he always supported the wrong side.  He happily became a member of “Time To Stand Up For Israel” and I hope he will spread the word of truth for Israel.

Later that night, when I walked at the boulevard of Tel Aviv it became clear for me, there is a way to reach the ignorant or Israel hating people, we can achieve an everlasting understanding and love for Israel. It will cost billions of Dollars, the (very) rich Israel loving people could help.  Arrange trips to Israel for them that has no idea, but are willing to learn. Travel with them around Israel, show them the real life, the positive side of this amazing country and see with your own eyes how their opinion will change forever. I would be glad to be the tour guide, this should be  a journey about the truth, not religious, not political, but based on the reality of the daily life, when we could arrange something like this, the world would change and will be a better place for mankind in general and Jews especially.

My love for Israel is everlasting


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The people without morality

The tension in Israel is rising sky high at the moment. Israel has to experience several attacks from Gaza towards Israeli territory. The sound of the alarms screams through the night and the Israeli men, women and children have to flee into their shelters.


Within a few hours after the attacks, the IAF and IDF ( Israeli air force and army) are ready to retaliate the cowardly attacks on innocent civilians and rush to destroy Hamas weapon factories or other hostile targets.

This is an ongoing situation, while Israel is trying to build and develop their country every day, the so called “Palestinians” are doing the opposite. With joy they celebrate when they manage to destroy thousands of acres precious land by their fire kites. They are full of joy when they hear the harvest of a whole village is destroyed and trees are burned. They never have any love for anything that is living, so they even do not care about the precious wildlife that is killed in a horrible way.

They cry fake tears when Israel is protecting her precious country. The country they, the Palestinians themselves, eat from. They cry when after several warning terrorists that are tearing down the borders are killed. Ofcourse it is never the intention of Israel to kill, the world is looking at it differently.

They blame Israel, They tell their citizens that Israeli’s are too compared with Nazi’s, more hypocrite and more inhumane it cannot get. Europe that saw her Jewish population got murdered, got slaughtered by Jew hatred. Europe that never helped any Jews in the wars. Europe where no Jew is safe anymore, that Europe together with many many other countries in the world is condemning Israel. And is crying together with the “Peaceful” “Palestinians”.

In the second world war the Jews were expelled, they had to go home, leave Europe…Today they have to go home, leave Israel … Palestinians are trying to delegitimize all Jewish suffering and are trying to even turn that to themselves. So they dare to say that Israel is committing genocide, while the “Palestinian” population is growing very rapid. They dare to compare a Jewish soldier to a Nazi, while Hamas is urging their people to take knifes and fire arms and to kill every Jew that comes in their way. While Israeli soldiers are helping as much as they can, Hamas and the “Palestinians” use women, children, disabled and babies as human shields. No mercy no morality


While the world is condemning Israel, Israel continues to develop. One of the newest Israeli inventions is plastic that can be recycled completely. We have in all kinds of society very talented Israelis. A few days ago I stumbled upon a young Israeli man,
Shai Peri. His music is made from heaven, he can play almost everything and has an amazing voice, soon his first single will be released and I am sure that he will reach sky high. And israel contributes so much more to the world, it is truly the light unto the nations.


Shai Peri

I have a dream, like Martin Luther King once said, I have a dream that the eyes of the world will open en that the true intentions of the “Palestinians” will be seen by all humanitiy. It is time to understand that Israel has a right to exist and a right to defend herself with all means.

The Israelis do not have another country.

Am Yisrael Chai

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Mothers must stop teaching hate ( june 2015)

Are you proud mother of what became of your child?…he that only lives from hate? It is hidden deep in all his a maligne tumor that is growing rapidly…hate..Are you proud mother that you put this hate there in his heart, the hate that makes him fire a rocket once again? His triomph is seen in his eyes, happy he scared his jewish neighbours, men,women, children….children….hate…

Are you proud mother the only thing he grew up with was with your twisted ideas about right and wrong…you must be so happy you taught him how to seek attention from western politics and media…media… hate..

Are you proud mother. ..there are the jetfighters hitting back hard, defending their loved ones and their country against boys like yours…hate….

Are you proud mother to see your young son wrapped in a sheet….his face…his mouth, silent..his eyes must be so proud mother. .Your. son will visit on such a young age his 72 virgins….the gift of hate…

Only mothers can stop hate…
Stop it now!!

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Just a thought

When you ask people.. what is closest to your heart, you will likely get the answer, my children…
Children in general are touching the emotions of the most cruel persons..
Children are symbolic for purity , grows, future and hope
If you touch children generally speaking you are in big trouble
Convicted pedophiles are not certain for their lives in prisons and as a teacher you have hard times to discipline the children nowadays.


Children are considered almost as holy… and from the parents we expect that they sacrifice all on behalf of their kids….
We are genuinely in shock if we see the “Palestinian” kids in training camps for children, with guns in their hands and hate on their faces, ready to destroy Israel and kill Jews.
We despise Arab parents introducing their kids to all these violence and we love to say that Israeli kids learn to love.

We can see in Israel that parents, in general, love their kids, the word No you do not hear a lot in Israel. The child is one of the most precious things in the Jewish life.. As an Israeli it is well known that all Israel is doing  will be used against them. Pictures are photoshopped and if pictures are not available, the Pallywood propaganda machine uses pictures from for example Aleppo stating it is Gaza.

When you are aware of this problem, if you know Israel is loosing the media war, you expect Israel to be smart, do not give your enemies to much fuel to light a fire. If there are pictures online and they are not true, you can proof that easily. We all know that children love to be in the demonstration days of the army, every child likes it to hold a gun, to drive in a tank or stare to the tough soldiers and dream that one day they will be the same.

Parents make pictures, of their beloved child, holding guns, looking like a real tough soldier and place them without thinking on the internet. Guess what is happening after that? Your children are used in dirty Pallywood propaganda posters and the most horrible thing.. for the world it is truth.. the child did held a gun, the child is not a Palestinian kid.. it is an Israeli kid .. and the world can point again to Israel, look how bad they are.


We all know the Palestinian child bootcamps are real. No show, real serious brainwashing from little kids. We know the Israeli kids enjoy just a show and after that sleep safe in their own beds, dreaming of the day that they are strong and tough like the soldier they saw.. A huge difference.. but…

All these sweet Israeli faces on picture holding guns are used for Anti Israel propaganda… It is harming the weak imago from Israel even further. Would it not be more smart to forbid on military shows to make pictures? It is easy to do and it will prevent more harm to Israel.
Just a thought…..



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From all tears that are cried about Israel and her citizens, a huge sea can be filled.
Sunday we were at Damsquare with our Pro Israel event, after a year of absence due to escalating violence towards us. In the meantime we had other events in other cities, but on sunday the Israeli flag once again waved proudly at the Damsquare.16938552_1182292631883966_6193910503202688216_n

It is fantastic to see, feel and experience the joy of the Israeli tourists that are visiting Amsterdam. Instead of the continuous hate, which they are welcomed with in Amsterdam by BDS movement (Boycott, divestment and sanctions) and Hamas supporters, they are welcomed with the winning Eurovision song festival song from Netta “Toy” . The sounds of Eyal Golan, Omer Adam, Sarit Haddad and others are filling the air, it is an explosion of happiness, joy and hope among the Israeli tourists attracted by the blue / white flag that can be seen from far away. Pictures are taken, we get compliments,drinks and many times you see people in tears, full of emotions.


Happy Israeli tourists on Damsquare

We live in a world of hatred, jealousy, abuse of power by government leaders. Historically, hatred is unfortunately mainly focused on the Jewish people. That the Jewish Inhabitants of Israel are just normal people like you and me is less and less clear for the rest of the ignorant world.

They fall in the trap of the Propaganda that is widely spread by the Hamas, they condemn Israel, they call them aggressors, child killers, terrorists and even Nazi’s. Hamas stirs up their own population to rage against the Israeli soldiers, boys and girls who have to defend their country with blood, sweat and tears. Nobody in the world thinks about the fact that the Jewish people don’t have another country.

Nobody in the world thinks about the fact that these soldiers, are sons, daughters and spouses to someone, they do not see the tears that are shred in despair.

World you really think the Jewish people enjoy the fights and the tension between the Arab israeli’s and the Jewish population, You really think world, that the relatives of the soldiers are euphoric about the fact their son, daughter, husbands, wifes are in danger all the time. You really think world that the country that celebrates life, is cheering about casualties, even if these are terrorists?

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This country, this amazing people are fighting for their right to exist, they are defending their borders and keep defending eretz Israel against a certain death.. When people that celebrates life must fight against people that are celebrating death, who would you choose ignorant World?

Look to the tears of the woman on Damsquare, look to the joy of the tourists in Amsterdam that see the Israeli flag proudly waving. See this people as humans, look further then just a video on the internet. See the truth, unite instead of condemn.
There have been enough tears from sadness, let there be tears from joy


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Wake Up

Dear world, dear United Nations,

Are we really surprised?
Did we really trust?
Did we honestly believe?

“Iran would not build a nuclear bomb”
“Iran is a trustworthy country”
“Iran is aiming for peace and good relations”

World leaders urged to bond with Iran
World leaders with Dollar signs in their eyes
World leaders suddenly very naive..

Dear World, dear United Nations

While you were busy with condemning Israel
While you were actually busy to sell the safety of people from all nations to a sheep in wolf clothing
There was one country in the world that did not rest, the only shining star in a sea of Darkness

Israel, sublime for their Intelligence
Israel, the only democratic state in an area of state oppressions
Israel, your only ally in the Middle East

You are in shock, downplaying the danger
You are in disbelieve, Israel is now a savior instead of a criminal state, which you always told yourself
You are angry, you are jealous, only Israel was able to find the evidence

Dear World, dear United Nations

It is not to late to say we were wrong
It is not to late to protect the world and come to actions
It is not to late to give Israel the credits she deserves

Were we really surprised?
Did we really trust?
Did we honestly believe?

It is time to act and protect the world
It is time to sanction Iran and disarm Iran
It is Time To Stand Up For Israel



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