Mothers must stop teaching hate ( june 2015)

Are you proud mother of what became of your child?…he that only lives from hate? It is hidden deep in all his a maligne tumor that is growing rapidly…hate..Are you proud mother that you put this hate there in his heart, the hate that makes him fire a rocket once again? His triomph is seen in his eyes, happy he scared his jewish neighbours, men,women, children….children….hate…

Are you proud mother the only thing he grew up with was with your twisted ideas about right and wrong…you must be so happy you taught him how to seek attention from western politics and media…media… hate..

Are you proud mother. ..there are the jetfighters hitting back hard, defending their loved ones and their country against boys like yours…hate….

Are you proud mother to see your young son wrapped in a sheet….his face…his mouth, silent..his eyes must be so proud mother. .Your. son will visit on such a young age his 72 virgins….the gift of hate…

Only mothers can stop hate…
Stop it now!!

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Just a thought

When you ask people.. what is closest to your heart, you will likely get the answer, my children…
Children in general are touching the emotions of the most cruel persons..
Children are symbolic for purity , grows, future and hope
If you touch children generally speaking you are in big trouble
Convicted pedophiles are not certain for their lives in prisons and as a teacher you have hard times to discipline the children nowadays.


Children are considered almost as holy… and from the parents we expect that they sacrifice all on behalf of their kids….
We are genuinely in shock if we see the “Palestinian” kids in training camps for children, with guns in their hands and hate on their faces, ready to destroy Israel and kill Jews.
We despise Arab parents introducing their kids to all these violence and we love to say that Israeli kids learn to love.

We can see in Israel that parents, in general, love their kids, the word No you do not hear a lot in Israel. The child is one of the most precious things in the Jewish life.. As an Israeli it is well known that all Israel is doing  will be used against them. Pictures are photoshopped and if pictures are not available, the Pallywood propaganda machine uses pictures from for example Aleppo stating it is Gaza.

When you are aware of this problem, if you know Israel is loosing the media war, you expect Israel to be smart, do not give your enemies to much fuel to light a fire. If there are pictures online and they are not true, you can proof that easily. We all know that children love to be in the demonstration days of the army, every child likes it to hold a gun, to drive in a tank or stare to the tough soldiers and dream that one day they will be the same.

Parents make pictures, of their beloved child, holding guns, looking like a real tough soldier and place them without thinking on the internet. Guess what is happening after that? Your children are used in dirty Pallywood propaganda posters and the most horrible thing.. for the world it is truth.. the child did held a gun, the child is not a Palestinian kid.. it is an Israeli kid .. and the world can point again to Israel, look how bad they are.


We all know the Palestinian child bootcamps are real. No show, real serious brainwashing from little kids. We know the Israeli kids enjoy just a show and after that sleep safe in their own beds, dreaming of the day that they are strong and tough like the soldier they saw.. A huge difference.. but…

All these sweet Israeli faces on picture holding guns are used for Anti Israel propaganda… It is harming the weak imago from Israel even further. Would it not be more smart to forbid on military shows to make pictures? It is easy to do and it will prevent more harm to Israel.
Just a thought…..



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From all tears that are cried about Israel and her citizens, a huge sea can be filled.
Sunday we were at Damsquare with our Pro Israel event, after a year of absence due to escalating violence towards us. In the meantime we had other events in other cities, but on sunday the Israeli flag once again waved proudly at the Damsquare.16938552_1182292631883966_6193910503202688216_n

It is fantastic to see, feel and experience the joy of the Israeli tourists that are visiting Amsterdam. Instead of the continuous hate, which they are welcomed with in Amsterdam by BDS movement (Boycott, divestment and sanctions) and Hamas supporters, they are welcomed with the winning Eurovision song festival song from Netta “Toy” . The sounds of Eyal Golan, Omer Adam, Sarit Haddad and others are filling the air, it is an explosion of happiness, joy and hope among the Israeli tourists attracted by the blue / white flag that can be seen from far away. Pictures are taken, we get compliments,drinks and many times you see people in tears, full of emotions.


Happy Israeli tourists on Damsquare

We live in a world of hatred, jealousy, abuse of power by government leaders. Historically, hatred is unfortunately mainly focused on the Jewish people. That the Jewish Inhabitants of Israel are just normal people like you and me is less and less clear for the rest of the ignorant world.

They fall in the trap of the Propaganda that is widely spread by the Hamas, they condemn Israel, they call them aggressors, child killers, terrorists and even Nazi’s. Hamas stirs up their own population to rage against the Israeli soldiers, boys and girls who have to defend their country with blood, sweat and tears. Nobody in the world thinks about the fact that the Jewish people don’t have another country.

Nobody in the world thinks about the fact that these soldiers, are sons, daughters and spouses to someone, they do not see the tears that are shred in despair.

World you really think the Jewish people enjoy the fights and the tension between the Arab israeli’s and the Jewish population, You really think world, that the relatives of the soldiers are euphoric about the fact their son, daughter, husbands, wifes are in danger all the time. You really think world that the country that celebrates life, is cheering about casualties, even if these are terrorists?

blog 1

This country, this amazing people are fighting for their right to exist, they are defending their borders and keep defending eretz Israel against a certain death.. When people that celebrates life must fight against people that are celebrating death, who would you choose ignorant World?

Look to the tears of the woman on Damsquare, look to the joy of the tourists in Amsterdam that see the Israeli flag proudly waving. See this people as humans, look further then just a video on the internet. See the truth, unite instead of condemn.
There have been enough tears from sadness, let there be tears from joy


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Wake Up

Dear world, dear United Nations,

Are we really surprised?
Did we really trust?
Did we honestly believe?

“Iran would not build a nuclear bomb”
“Iran is a trustworthy country”
“Iran is aiming for peace and good relations”

World leaders urged to bond with Iran
World leaders with Dollar signs in their eyes
World leaders suddenly very naive..

Dear World, dear United Nations

While you were busy with condemning Israel
While you were actually busy to sell the safety of people from all nations to a sheep in wolf clothing
There was one country in the world that did not rest, the only shining star in a sea of Darkness

Israel, sublime for their Intelligence
Israel, the only democratic state in an area of state oppressions
Israel, your only ally in the Middle East

You are in shock, downplaying the danger
You are in disbelieve, Israel is now a savior instead of a criminal state, which you always told yourself
You are angry, you are jealous, only Israel was able to find the evidence

Dear World, dear United Nations

It is not to late to say we were wrong
It is not to late to protect the world and come to actions
It is not to late to give Israel the credits she deserves

Were we really surprised?
Did we really trust?
Did we honestly believe?

It is time to act and protect the world
It is time to sanction Iran and disarm Iran
It is Time To Stand Up For Israel



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Safe Haven

What makes Israel special? So many different people ask this question to me so many times.
It is not easy to answer because it is a feeling that captures my heart the moment I enter Israeli soil; the moment I take the first breath of air something is happening inside me what I almost can’t describe.

I will try however to give an answer. When you look to the history of the Jewish people, you see a history of pogroms, hatred of Jews, fear, expulsion, exclusion, discrimination and wonders of victories against all odds.  You see the devastation and disaster the Jews had to undergo during the Second World War and you almost feel the sadness of the loss of so many relatives simply because they had the “sin” to be Jewish

When you walk in Israel, you see in how little time (70 years) this country that was for 80% desert became a modern state with ultra-modern metropoles, known about her many valuable contributions to the world, in medicine, in High-tech, in security and defense.. But what you feel most is the pride and courage the most Israeli people have.
With one sentence in their head and heart “never again”… we will fight for what is right.. We will stand up for Israel no matter what…shutterstock_1266530931
How I love this attitude. How much it makes me feel home there in this tiny little state surrounded by so many vile enemies.

Back in Holland, back in Europe… you see the society is changing more and more; the Christian / Jewish culture is integrated, slowly and surely into the new culture that the new immigrants from the Arab Muslim countries are bringing. These immigrants come from countries that are the sworn enemies of Israel, it is not strange that the antisemitism is rising sky-high again. This situation is seen on the streets in Holland, in Amsterdam. Hamas supporters and members of the BDS movement ( Boycott, Divestment and sanctions) are spreading their anti israel propaganda en false content into the streets of Amsterdam.

Strange to notice that the most Dutch people keep silent, they look away untill the moment antisemitism is hitting the doormat, suddenly the whole area is panicking, calling up for actions but above all bewildering. How is it possible that this antisemitism is in my street?  People are left astonished. Like they never saw something like this. Antisemitism? Here? In my street?  Somehow it is great that people are astonished. It is clear that they live their lives calmly and as long as they do not interfere too much with the real problems in the world, everything will be fine.
But just like the 30th of the last century, evil comes nearer. And if one does not intervene now, if one does not rise against the evil (in the form of Israelhate and Jew-hatred) then it is too late. Every person who does not conform to the new culture will die irrevocably. Then “Never Again” changes in “ How could this happen now??”.

Let us take the bravery of the Israeli’s as an example, let us,  together , ensure that Israel can remain the safe haven for all Jews and serve as an example to the world.

Let’s together ensure that we stand up for Israel … because
It is time to stand on for Israel & Never Again

Be brave and pride..

Am Yisrael Chai

miracle 2

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Israel for beginners

First impressions last forever, at least that is what I always learned. So this time I was very excited to introduce my 21 years old son to Israel for the first time. My son knew Israel only from my stories at home and at home everything about Israel is pink, the mezuzah is hanging at the door, the blue and white of the Israeli flag can be found anywhere in the house. Never a bad story about Israel, he only saw his mother homesick and totally devoted to the country.


Betar Illit on Shabbat


At school and among friends the situation was different, in Dutch society Israel is not very loved, antisemitism is rising sky-high and the Pallywood propaganda does her work extremely well. The most friends of my son or did not care about the situation in the Middle East or hated Israel and Jews. I was surprised and happy he decided to come along with me.

As we flew with the one and only El Al we had a very strict check-in procedure. This went well because I prepared him about the questions and security measures. So this went fine and a few hours later we arrived at Ben Gurion Airport. The weather was warm and we drove with the rental car to Betar Illit.


El Al


Betar Illit is situated in the Judea area of Israel, some mention it as disputed area. It is an orthodox Haredi city. When you come there, you see the ultra-orthodox Jews walking in the streets, on Shabbat it is not allowed to drive with the car. For my son this was very unusual, very difficult and as a secular person he found it hard to adjust in this society, he feared that in Israel all the cities where like this. The environment however is beautiful.

We drove 4138 km in 19 days; I showed him a lot of Israel. One of the first days he looked at the houses at the “Palestinian” areas and he was flabbergasted and said, if these are houses of “Palestinians” they are living f*cking luxurious. Also he was extremely surprised to see that the Jewish, Arab, Christian etc population walked together on the streets, entered the same buildings and shopping malls, set side by side on the same beach. In Tel Aviv he saw the Mosque near de Dan Panorama hotel and made a picture to show his friends that in Israel all religion can be practiced freely. We drove by multiple checkpoints where the soldiers did their excellent job. He admired them.

foto 1

Kibbutz Ha’ma Pill


Negative for him was the fact “friends” ended contact with him due to his decision to go to Israel. Also we escaped like 8 times a serious car accident due to Israeli drivers that are selfish, are impatient or just don’t have a clue how to behave safely in traffic. This fact he truly hated of Israel. We saw the most bizarre things, like two truck drivers stopping next to each other on the middle of paid highway 6, causing extremely dangerous situation and a huge traffic jam. He enjoyed however the in my eyes, super annoying honking the most male macho’s in Israel are doing when they think they need to wait 1 second to long for a traffic light. Traffic, I can write pages full with complains, but it is a true miracle almost all rediculous actions of drivers ending up well.

The beauty of Israel amazed him, favorite for him was the Timna national park and the Golan area. He liked the weather and the sea, specially the deadsea was a beautiful experience. We visited a friend in kibbutz Ha’ma Pill, the freedom, the beauty of the environment and the relaxed atmosphere showed him that the cities were not all the same and not all religious. We came around the holiday of Pesach. If I would choose it now, I would not come with Pesach, a young, not religious man, really does not enjoy the matzos with every single meal.


Timna Park, King Salomon Pilars


The conclusion of this first experience in Israel is as follows: The country itself is beautiful, amazing even. The Palestinian stories told are plain lies, there is no Apartheid in Israel for the Arabs/Palestinians, there is however for Jews, that are not allowed to pray on Temple mount for example. The traffic is a horror show of idiots that do not value life as it seems. Israel is confusing, it looks like a western civilized nation but with the attitude of the Middle east. Israeli’s are not organized in the regular situations, they are never on time, payments take hours and hours, bureaucracy is huge and flexibility zero. This counts for everything except safety and security. However when you have friends, you have friends for life, the food (except for Pesach) is delicious, the weather is good.

For my son the confusing part of Israel was too much. For him it was a wonderful experience but it is not his cup of tea. Unless his mother decides to live there, next time he will stay in Europe, but he did change his mind about the Israeli/Arab conflict. He saw all with his own eyes, which is most important to form an opinion.

For me, the mother, it became clear once again. Israel is my country; I love her, despite all the things that are not perfect. I am going to try to get a job in Israel and move to the country that captured my heart. It will not be easy and I will need to network a lot, but it is my goal and life purpose.

Happy Birthday Israel for being 70 years the only shining star in a sea of darkness.



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Flying to Israel

Soon, within 2 weeks it will happen again, I am flying home, home to the country where my heart is, home to the only place in the world where I feel genuine happy from within. This has nothing to do with certain persons, but it is an extraordinary magical feeling, as soon as I set foot on Israeli soil, my heart opens and I feel happiness.


It starts already on my way to the airport, I fly with the safest flight carrier in the world, ElAl, Israeli airlines. The feeling of safety starts by entering the line to the check-in. Special protection here for the Israeli’s, although it is sad that it is necessary; do not get me wrong, it gives a safe

Then special security officers of ElAl are handling with everyone individually. Israel haters find that annoying, for me it is a feeling of safety that makes me choose ElAl. Everything is checked also hand luggage, but the waiting time in the line is nice, a good feeling, most people are happy to go to Israel and we all know why we have to wait, for our own safety.

In the airplane, the holiday starts for real. Delicious Israeli food is served while waiting impatiently to see the coastline from Tel Aviv, a metropole that looks a bit like New York city, only much more modern and sophisticated. That vision is always emotional for me. Back home, finally…

Israel is a huge meltingpot from various cultures and nations, all together it is a very special nation where there is a huge tolerance towards all that is out of the box. Maybe that is why I feel happy in Israel, here they do not look strange weither you wear a burqa or a mini skirt.. all is tolerated in the most places.


I wish all Israel haters that never been to Israel a visit to Israel. Look with your own eyes and experience this beautiful country from first hand. Look with open mind and I am sure your opinion will change.   Israel the only shining star in a sea of darkness

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