Yezidi girl from Gaza

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Neighborhood bombed

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Celebrate life

I meet disbelieve, astonishment, surprise and even anger when I tell about my love for Israel. Why? Why is this feeling so deep? The fact that I am not official Jewish and not Christian either, leave the people speechless. You see people look at you, as if you are, at least, from another planet. More people are even convinced I lost my mind and belong in a mental institution.


How can one explain that feelings and love are genuine in the first place? How can I explain the emotions I get when I touch Israeli soil? Especially when the last time I was there, I was truly disappointed in the attitude of some Israelis. Moral standards that are part of my daily life, like being punctual, or the belief that a word is a word or a promise is a promise are not very common here. In this you can see the Middle Eastern mentality, which is not easy to adapt too when you are not flexible in mind.

Reasons enough to leave the country and never return. But thinking about Israel’s reality makes you think differently. Can you imagine, living your life in the south? How many times you hear the Red Alert sound that gives you 15 seconds to find a shelter? Can you imagine that you can never let your children out of your sight while playing outside? Can you imagine the trauma’s they get?

Or can you imagine living in Judea&Samaria or Jerusalem? You should always be aware of hate and violence, you cannot approach people without caution and the chance that terror is around the corner Is big. When you drive with your little baby and get stoned by rioting Arabs,blog 3a can you imagine the feeling when you hold your bleeding baby in your arms? Two weeks ago a mob of violent “Palestinians”, I prefer to say terrorists, shot at a bus stop in Ofra (Judea&Samaria) at a lot of people, 7 got injured, one of them a young pregnant woman and her husband.

The baby got delivered 10 weeks prematurely and was, like the mother, in very life threatening condition. While the mum and dad of the baby were slowly recovering the little baby boy named Amiad Yisrael ( the people of Israel always will live in Israel) died and was buried at the mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

blog 4a

If you have any empathic skills, you can imagine the horrible sadness and grieve of these people whom experiences these horrors. But in these periods of time the Israeli/ Jewish spirit is seen best. Hundreds are attending the very emotional and beautiful funerals. People sing and stand close to the ones that are hurt the most by their loss. Family, friends are coming to the hospital and sing together with/to the bereaved parents and family.

Click Here for the video

Such unity is so much heartwarming that everything you might have against Israel disappears. Everywhere there are people that are trying to make other people feel better, this unconditional support from society is as a warm blanket and the joy of life is the most important thing that keeps Israel alive. This is in contrast with Islamic culture where every dead person is celebrated and immediately get the status of “Martyr”.

To feel this joy and happiness of Israel, the Jewish nation, is a true blessing and gives power and energy to keep looking at the positive things in Life…

Only in Israel I feel this very special spirit and my gratitude for it is forever..

Blog 2 a

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Working for Israel

Can love be genetic? Is it inside your body and soul, or is it only the upbringing that creates such a love and devotion for a country and a people. As long as I can remember there was love for Israel in my family. My grandparents from mothers side loved Israel, so did my mother. My parents loved Israel so much that they, when we lived in Israel, did everything to help the country in all possible ways. For this they received from the mayor of Jerusalem, in that time Teddy Kollek, the Yad Vashem Knesset medal.

Back in Holland, plagued by homesickness, I even got more fanatic in defending Israel and I could no longer hear a word wrong about Israel. Years went by and somehow we never went back to Israel. Afraid that my memories were more beautiful than the reality, I choose for other destinations for my vacations. I got married, got my children, divorced but Israel was deep in my heart and my love never disappeared. After the Gaza war “operation Protective edge” and the Har Nof terror attack in 2014 I founded the group “Time To Stand Up For Israel”.

While very busy with defending and supporting Israel, I realized it was crazy that I had not been in Israel, not been home, for decades. I booked my first vacation in 2015 and was extremely happy my memories were not disappointing and Israel still give me the good vibes it always gave  me. After that vacation many followed and I knew this is the country I want to live in forever, this is the country I want to die in.

In 2018 most of my kids left the house, my relationship ended and I did not enjoy at work. I have a fulltime job and I work 70 hours a week for Israel on voluntarily base. My motto is “I only live once” and it was time to define new goals in my life. My new goal is, not surprising, working for Israel. To be able to devote my life to Israel sounds like a blessing to me. So my new mission started, networking, writing letters etc. Unfortunately Israel has totally different working ethics. It is quite normal not to answer letters, specially with the more important connections and being friends with someone and granting him/her something is more important than skills and expertise.

Difficult and often discouraging. But confident as I am about my absolute devotion and love for Israel, my lack of fear and my overdose of energy and my skills, I am convinced that at the end, I will reach my goal and work for Israel. Because I know I can contribute a lot for the country I love.

But in addition to literally working for Israel, it is also important to always carry out a Pro-Israel attitude to the people around you… Tell the truth when you hear the lies, do not be afraid to wear proud your Jewish symbols, as a kipa, a necklace with the Magen David etc etc. Be proud to stand with Israel, do not hide your opinion, raise the blue and white flag of Israel.shutterstock_1266530931

Because Israel is truly the only shining star in a sea of darkness, the beacon of light in the world. I would be honored to work for her in all ways.

Am Yisrael Chai

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Democratie in gevaar

Time To Stand Up For Israel
Sabine Sterk & Marit Bonsink
Den haag
Tel; +31645758832

Leden der Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal,
Leden van het Europees Parlement
Pers en media

Den Haag; 7 November 2018

Betreft: Democratie in gevaar

Hoogedelgestrenge heer/vrouwe/ Uwe Excellenties,

Vanavond bezoeken wij een “vijandig evenement” “Democratie in gevaar”. Dit evenement gaat over een nieuw aangenomen wet in Israel en heeft uiteraard niets van doen met Nederland.

Wij in Nederland gaan er al eeuwen van uit dat Nederland een democratie is, een tolerant land waar eenieder recht heeft op vrijheid van meningsuiting, waar er streng opgetreden wordt tegen antisemitisme en discriminatie, waar er geen corruptie en belangenverstrengeling is vanuit overheid en ambtelijke organisaties.  Er worden keurig aanbestedingen gedaan om de concurrentiepositie niet in gevaar te brengen en te voorkomen dat een vriend of familielid van ambtenaar of minister een opdracht krijgt met geen andere reden dan dat ze bevriend zijn met een minister of ambtenaar.

Nederland, je bent een mooi land, een voorbeeld voor alle andere landen….of niet? Vorige week werd bekend dat mevrouw Sigrid Kaag een extra bedrag van 6.000.000 Euro heeft overgemaakt naar de UNRWA, dit omdat de VN organisatie voor de “Palestijnen” geld tekort komt omdat de USA, een bondgenoot van Nederland,  de subsidies naar dit op zijn minst discutabele instituut heeft stopgezet. Een reden van de USA om de geldkraan dicht te draaien is onder andere; het blijven betalen door de Palestijnse Autoriteiten (PA)  van familieleden van terroristen die aanslagen hebben gepleegd, die mensen  hebben vermoord, vrouwen, mannen en kinderen.  Er zijn uiteraard nog meerdere redenen.  Wat een totaal verkeerd signaal is dan deze betaling van ons belastinggeld aan een discutabele organisatie als UNRWA . Behalve dat de USA onze bondgenoot is en wij dus als Nederland onze bondgenoten USA (en Israel)  zouden moeten steunen, accepteert deze regering blijkbaar zeer sterke belangenverstrengeling. Mevrouw Kaag is namelijk getrouwd met een “Palestijn” die een zeer hoge positie had in de PA.

Dit gaat tegen alle principes in en het lijkt erop dat onze ministers, staatssecretarissen, Tweede Kamerleden en andere ambtenaren boven de wet staan.  Israel, een democratie, of misschien wel de enige democratie in het Midden Oosten en onze bondgenoot heeft het zwaar te verduren. Vanuit de Palestijnse gebieden worden vliegers met daaraan brandend materiaal en explosieven opgelaten om honderden hectare natuurgebied en landbouwgrond , waar de Palestijnen zelf ook van eten, in de brand te steken. Ballonnen met explosieven eraan vastgemaakt worden opgelaten in de hoop dat Joodse kinderen worden gedood. U kunt kritiek op Israel hebben, maar Israel is zelf een democratie en is zeer goed in staat om zelf de binnenlandse politieke problemen op te lossen, zonder dat daar Europese regeringen hun geldingsdrang hoeven te tonen.  Mevrouw Kaag is bovendien de laatste persoon die zich mag mengen in |sraels politieke keuzes, mevrouw Kaag die absoluut niet objectief kan zijn, met een Palestijnse man en Palestijnse kinderen.

Wij vragen, nee wij verzoeken u met klem om hier Kamervragen over te stellen. Hoe kan een land dat zich een democratie noemt, meegaan in een gift van miljoenen die ontstaan is uit belangenverstrengeling?  Dit is een mes in de rug van elke belastingbetaler in Nederland.

Dit is bovendien een mes in de rug van Israel, uw bondgenoot in het Midden Oosten en dit is een mes in de rug van elke Joodse Nederlander.
De democratie is in gevaar.

Wij hopen dat er verdere actie zal volgen naar aanleiding van deze brief.

Met de meeste hoogachting,

Time To Stand Up For Israel (+14000 leden)
Marit Bonsink en Sabine Sterk

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In this crazy world where anti-Semitism and Israel hate is rising sky high, where you must look with a magnifier to search for people that are loving and supporting Israel unconditionally, where there is always one to blame namely” the Zionists” ( meaning “the Jews”) you must keep your moral standards sky high, as a nation and as a people. Be aware that it costs years to build up Trust and it takes seconds to destroy it.

Blog 3

Back from my third trip to Israel in 2018, I am again impressed. Israel is a high-Tech country, start-up nation. In security and intelligence, they are top of the top. A western country, a democracy, a country where people, as you can see in different statistics, in general are happy to live in.

Israel the melting pot of nations; the American Jews, the Russian, East European , west European, south European, Ashkenazi, the Tsafardi , Jews from Arabic countries. The Muslims and the Christians all living in this modern state, which I admire so much.

In this country we find many people with great innovative ideas and programs, One of this persons is Sharon Gal Or or better known as Gal Orian. He invented the ”Ting” game, a card game for practicing and studying inventions and technologies in Israel.  Blog 1

However, this game is excellent to stimulate group bonding and global communication and innovation too and can easily lead to more understanding and goodwill between people and nations all over the world.

With communication, starts understanding and with understanding you earn trust and goodwill. So, with all this amazing achievements from Israelis, with all my admiration and love for the country, there is one thing that keeps bothering me. Why everything is difficult in the most modern and sophisticated, country there is? Educated people that are working in developed companies are just not keeping their promises, from University until Knesset, from a shop near the beach to the highly skilled NGO’s, if it comes to organizing, time schedules and or correct payments suddenly Israel is back where it is in fact situated, in the Middle East, with Middle eastern mentality.

Blog 2

When a western company delivers something to an Israeli company/NGO, they expect correct and timely payment. When you don’t do that you break trust and you destroy your goodwill. It is not that difficult and when companies/ people will change their attitude and start to be more serious and reliable it will be a win win situation. Israel is amazing but it can be the absolute best with a little change of attitude.

Remember to build up trust takes years, but you can destroy it with a single action in a few seconds.

Blog 4

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Fighting the Lies

A few month ago, we saw the organization EAJG ( A different Jewish voice) planned an event in “De Nieuwe Liefde”, a location known to host extreme anti-Israel events.   The”Nieuwe Liefde” introduced the event with the title; Israel-Palestine debate 2018, The Palestinian right of return. Why, how and who?

There came two guests:


Left Ali Right Eitan

  • Ali Abunimah
  • Eitan Bronstein Aparicio


Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian-American journalist and the co-founder and executive director of the widely acclaimed publication The Electronic Intifada and Eitan Bronstein Aparicio is a an Israeli educator , he founded the NGO Zochrot and served as its Director until 2011. In 2015 he co-founded De-Colonizer

Only reading the title of the event made me sick, so, as Founder of Time To Stand Up For Israel we didn’t have any other choice then to make an event and go and listen to their lies. Investigating the opponents and looking where they believe in .


As the event was introduced as a debate, we figured we could come and give our Pro-Israel opinion. Wrong, as soon our event was discovered on the internet, our opponents told, they would inform de location ( de Nieuwe Liefde) , so they could refuse us. Probably afraid we would disturb their indoctrination lecture.


Time for a second plan. I bought a wig and we decided to drive to Amsterdam and enter undercover the location. In the car we had a lot of fun, it was hilarious to see me wear the cheap wig and we couldn’t stop laughing. Near the location the situation became tense, we decided to walk as individual visitor to the location, the chance they would discover and recognize us was much bigger in a group. While I walked to the location, I saw the director of this, at least, disputable place outside checking all the visitors, My heart was pounding in my chest. He looked at me, but I turned my face the other way. Yes, I made it to the entrance and i passed the selection.


But my heart stopt, inside at the counter, two people. One woman that was 2 weeks prior on Damsquare, we had a huge discussion with her, were we told her she behaved as a neo-nazi and on the right professional activist José van Leeuwen, that would recognize me between a million people and she looked behind me, where the third person popped up.. Maarten Jan Hijmans, a self-appointed journalist/writer, writing under the name abu Pessoptimist.

The last two kicked a friend and me, within 30 seconds out of a location where we wanted to attend an event about the Gaza flotilla. I decided to act “normal” and with big relieve I noticed they didn’t recognize me. I was in..

Time for the ”debate” . First was Ali Abunimah, an American Arab, stating he is a Palestinian, pitty enough he could speak very well. And if you didn’t know better you would believe his lies. He told about “Palestine” before the Jews Came, the destruction of land by the Jews, The genocide and the Naqba. To hear the lies was one big horror.   He did nothing else then compare the “Israeli regime” with the South African Apartheids regime. Totally disgusting and not to compare at all, but well, what can we expect from an Arab that grew up in Islam that is known for it’s Jew hatred?

The Time went slowly. After a 40 minutes or so, that felt as 40 years, it was time for Eitan Bronstein. Shocking and disgusting to see an Israeli self hating Jew talk about Israel like this, well he did not even talked about Israel, he talked about Palestine. His English was bad and he had nothing much to add to Ali Abunimah. Still for us this was the most sad. So many People would love to live in Israel and this traitor of his country is damaging Israel so much. He is so naïve, telling there is room enough for a few million extra Arab “refugees” and they would live in peace next to the Jews… No one talked about the Jew Hatred in the Islam, Nobody talked about Islamic ideology and this Eitan, that should be proud of Israel betrayed her with his words. be joint sickening.

In this ‘debate’ that wasn’t a debate but an indoctrination session with creepy people in the room, (when you closed your eyes, you can easily imagine that you are in a room full of SS officers applauding their leader), we did hear thousands of times the word South Africa. Totally misplaced. But the most painful was the Jews inside the room, cheering and supporting the BDS (boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel) movement. Somehow I think that if Islam will definitely be settled in Europe and the sharia law will be introduced, these group with traitors will be the first to knock on the door to Israel. Painful, it was a painful evening , where to be honest, I lost again hope that people at the end will see the truth about beautiful Israel.


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