October 2016- the meaning of life part 4

October 2016 (Dedicated to DS )

I build my world around you, when i felt your tender care
I build my world around you when your soul connected mine
I build my world around.you when our chemistry touched the sky

My heart filled with admiration
My heart filled with loyality and comittement
My heart full of devotion
My heart so completely yours

I build my world around you when you suddenly turned your back
I build my world around you when you cruelly denied all my emotions
I build my world around you, when you cowardly run away
I even build my world around you when your love turned into hate

I pick up the pieces of my scarved heart
I pick up my broken selfconfidence
I pick up slowely my will to live
I pick up my smile, although still fake

Now i build my world around the good things that arrives
I build my world on the ruines of my heart
I build my world a garden full of love
A lifetime to last in the arms of the man that ever will fix my heart

(by: Sabine Sterk the meaning of life part 4)

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January 2017- Empathy

Empathy  (Dedicated to all the selfish souls )

Did you ever looked into someones eyes, really looked?
Did you ever wondered why, really wondered why?
Did you ever realized what is behind someones smile, really realized?
When you really looked you could see the tear in the corner of the eye
when you really wondered,you would not have judged
when you really realized, you could see the despair.
do not look… feel instead
do not wonder…ask instead
do not only realize…. act.instead
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June 2017 ( the reason for living according Sabine….no not monty python part 5)

June 2017

Life…. ( the reason for living according Sabine….no not monty python part 5)

Life is about trust
Life is about respect
Life is about happiness
Life is about development
Life is about sharing
Life is about Love….

How much one can trust when you get betrayed
How much one can respect when you are treated disrespectful
How much one can be happy when the tears are streaming
How much one can develop when there is no money
How much one can share when you feel all alone
How much one can love in a world full of hate

Trust yourself
Respect yourself
Happiness is to find within you
Development start by knowing yourself
Share your feelings with the world
Love first yourself before you love anyone else

The world is a cirkel… everything comes back to you
Trust now
Respect now
be happy now
develop now
share now
Love now

My grandmother ones said….

Live now, be happy now, love now
Release your heart!
Make sure your path of life is not covered with hundred and one minor concerns.
Do not forget that each day is given to you as an eternity to be happy…

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October 2017- Let’s stay together

Oktober 2017

Dedicated to my love Yishai A.

As a gift you came into my life…
Your first visit to europe
Your amazing smile…
Your struggles with life

As a child so happy we did connect
My first experience with religious Jewish life
My heart so full of love
My struggles with life

As teenagers we explored eachother
Our first steps into a real relationship
Our laughs and tears
Our struggle to become full circle

Miles aparts with few connection
Will our love survive the distance
Will our dream succeed
Will our struggle not be invaine

We both tried to be as good as can be
Hashem will you keep our love
Hashem will you help us with our dream
Hashem let us …him and me succeed


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Januari 2018 – Power of love

Januari 2018  (Dedicated to my love Yishai)

You… So big, so powerful, so small, so weak, so all..
You… A life that was a struggle from the start…
You… Thousands of barriers on your way
You… Grew up in the land protected by Hashem
You… Together very close with family…yet alone
You… a man, stuggeling alone, a smile on your face a tear in your heart
You… the wisdom deep inside you, inspired by Torah…hidden by You..
You… run away to me… a strange country, a different culture, a new vision
You… suddenly you opened your secrets and let it out..
You… so small, so weak, yet so big , so powerful
You… give inspiration, alone without family around but together with us
You… struggle with us, a tear on your face, a smile in your heart.
You… you contribute to the world, to me, to us, to yourself, to Hashem…
Me… so proud of you, so much love for you

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March 2018 -Betrayal

March 2018 (Dedicated to Yishai Arazi)


You captured my soul with your “honest” words
You captured my heart with your amazing smile
You captured me, totally and without doubts

Every cloud in the air I blew away, not wanting to loose my dreams
Every doubt I reasoned aways… not wanting to loose my trust
Every humiliation I laughed about, not wanting to see the truth

Denying my love for you is betrayal
You desire to change me is betrayal
Your Humiliation of me is betrayal

Your honest words were only lies
Your amazing smile was only fake
Your love did never excist

My soul is strong
My dreams are big
My capability to love only grew

At the end you betrayed your own soul
At the end your tears will flow
At the end you only loose


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Wow-Special in Uniform

Wow… thinking of a title of this blog i can only come up with a three letter word WOW. Yesterday we were at an event about the fantastic project “Special in uniform”. Starring Lt.Col. Tiran Attia and Eli Mandelbaum (Journalist).


Lt. Col. Tiran Attia

The Army especially is known all-over the world as a masculin, macho society where there is not a lot of place for emotions, feelings and moral standards. However, not in Israel, not the IDF. Tiran started with the event that turned his point of view, that turned his life. From a rather cold “military” opinion, he transformed into a human with a dedication towards other humans, to people with special needs…

He told that he got severely injured in an explosion during the second Lebanon war. He was paralyzed from neck down and didn’t want to live anymore. He tried to stop treatment and didn’t want to eat or drink. Whilst being in this situation of devastation a group of people with special needs came to visit him and one of them, a girl, took his arm, touched him and tried to make him feel something. Although he didn’t answer, he felt her efforts and energy. When she left, she turned around and said to him “all will be okay”. Soon After he felt slowly, slowly that the feeling in his body came back and 3 months, after a severe revalidation, he was back on his feet, with the help from Hashem.


He realized that Hashem created people like his own image and who was he, Tiran, to tell that people with special needs are less than other people. He realized every person, created as the image of Hashem, has his own abilities and talents and are useful. He decided to dedicate his life to this very special program.

Nowadays there are more than 400 soldiers with special needs and 250 more on the waiting list to enter the program. The program with the goal to let them serve the country, to include them in the army society with the abilities & talents they have and help them to develop themselves into specialists on their own level and help them to enter the Israeli labour society after the army. The advantages are huge first the individual with special needs develops him/herself, what leads to a bigger self-esteem, more happiness. The family, friends and neighbors are seeing the capabilities of these soldiers and ‘regular’ soldiers in the army can take them as a huge example that nothing in life you can take for granted and you have to fight for your happiness and quality of life.


Imagine how proud this young soldier, his family and his country can be ❤

Yesterday, I was touched and emotional. It run into my mind… “how on earth people can hate Israel, hate the IDF”, this program is the ultimate proof how special this army and this country is.   I am so proud of this and at the other hand, more flabbergasted about the everlasting Israel- and Jewhatred around the world. Take an example of Israel, look into your heart and see the truth.

Am Yisrael Chai


This program needs a lot of money, you can always donate, email Tiran or go to the website: http://www.jnf.org

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