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Wow… thinking of a title of this blog i can only come up with a three letter word WOW. Yesterday we were at an event about the fantastic project “Special in uniform”. Starring Lt.Col. Tiran Attia and Eli Mandelbaum (Journalist).


Lt. Col. Tiran Attia

The Army especially is known all-over the world as a masculin, macho society where there is not a lot of place for emotions, feelings and moral standards. However, not in Israel, not the IDF. Tiran started with the event that turned his point of view, that turned his life. From a rather cold “military” opinion, he transformed into a human with a dedication towards other humans, to people with special needs…

He told that he got severely injured in an explosion during the second Lebanon war. He was paralyzed from neck down and didn’t want to live anymore. He tried to stop treatment and didn’t want to eat or drink. Whilst being in this situation of devastation a group of people with special needs came to visit him and one of them, a girl, took his arm, touched him and tried to make him feel something. Although he didn’t answer, he felt her efforts and energy. When she left, she turned around and said to him “all will be okay”. Soon After he felt slowly, slowly that the feeling in his body came back and 3 months, after a severe revalidation, he was back on his feet, with the help from Hashem.


He realized that Hashem created people like his own image and who was he, Tiran, to tell that people with special needs are less than other people. He realized every person, created as the image of Hashem, has his own abilities and talents and are useful. He decided to dedicate his life to this very special program.

Nowadays there are more than 400 soldiers with special needs and 250 more on the waiting list to enter the program. The program with the goal to let them serve the country, to include them in the army society with the abilities & talents they have and help them to develop themselves into specialists on their own level and help them to enter the Israeli labour society after the army. The advantages are huge first the individual with special needs develops him/herself, what leads to a bigger self-esteem, more happiness. The family, friends and neighbors are seeing the capabilities of these soldiers and ‘regular’ soldiers in the army can take them as a huge example that nothing in life you can take for granted and you have to fight for your happiness and quality of life.


Imagine how proud this young soldier, his family and his country can be ❤

Yesterday, I was touched and emotional. It run into my mind… “how on earth people can hate Israel, hate the IDF”, this program is the ultimate proof how special this army and this country is.   I am so proud of this and at the other hand, more flabbergasted about the everlasting Israel- and Jewhatred around the world. Take an example of Israel, look into your heart and see the truth.

Am Yisrael Chai


This program needs a lot of money, you can always donate, email Tiran or go to the website:

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The most important difference between Humans and Animals is, according to those that think they know everything better, the fact that Humans have feelings and Animals not…Of course, those that think they know everything better consider humans superior to Animals… right….


It is 2019 and this blog is about self-reflection, I ask myself what am I? Who Am I? As a person that feels that Animals are way more superior than Humans and as a person that is loving the most hated country of the world, plus the fact that I have little fear, huge feeling of justice and an even bigger lack of tact or how others it will define… a lack of political correctness, I already feel for years and years that I am an alien. Not from Mars, I  am not a man, not from Venus, I am so much different than the regular woman, but from Uranus and I am looking towards the earth with sadness and disappointment. However, towards Israel, I am looking with a mix of hope and fear in my heart.

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Hope for Israel, hope for the world… IDF ♥♥♥

Feelings, in my previous blogs I described already that I cannot tell what I feel when I am in Israel. The joy of living is filling my soul and it brings a glorious feeling in my heart. But when I am behind my computer, looking to the news, that reaches me through newspapers or Social media, every day  I get more angry, more disappointed and more astonished. People that are loving Israel, are afraid to speak up about the country, people that see antisemitism are keeping silent, why? Out of fear I hear often… or they just live in a huge bubble of relative luxury and are afraid to lose some of that when they speak up because “the situation is not so bad right?”….

Sigh…. When you look at THIS video, you see how huge the hate in Holland is already, how much Israel is hated and how much every Jew that has feelings of love for Israel is hated and how much every Zionist supporter is hated. It is impossible to look away, it is morally not done to look away.  Especially when you are Jewish and you are commemorating each year the Shoa… Never Again….


Fear? I empathize with you when you say you are afraid, but be logical what does that solve? Nothing it only stimulates more anti-Semitism and Israel- hate. Every Jew first has the obligation to show the world NEVER AGAIN. When I read in a Dutch newspaper ( click here) and see directors/ CEO’s of the Jewish community/ organizations are telling that one is allowed to tell “Israel has to disappear”, (freedom of speech) only not on Dam Square, I am devastated, a real representative of the Jewish community and Israel should tell…. Israel-hate aka anti-Semitism is NEVER allowed. With this statement of said organizations/ representatives of the Jewish Community, I know in my heart that Holland and Europe is lost.

Luckily we have little, brave Israel, the Jewish state with the undivided capital Jerusalem and with the Israelis that fight for her with blood, sweat and tears, that are joining the IDF, the most moral army in the world to protect the holy soil from savage intruders, I know Israel is here to stay.  With all my power, energy and love I will fight for her justice, even if I have to fight alone…and when Europe will fall, I hope I can get political asylum.

Am Yisrael  Chai


Nothing Else Matters….Only Israel

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A family tomb in Gaza?

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family temple in gaza

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A Ruined Kitchen in Gaza

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a drugsrelated party in germany

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phosphorus bomb in Gaza

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part 10

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A bloody camera from Gaza

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bloody camera lllll

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The wounded little girl from Gaza

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