Fighting the Lies

A few month ago, we saw the organization EAJG ( A different Jewish voice) planned an event in “De Nieuwe Liefde”, a location known to host extreme anti-Israel events.   The”Nieuwe Liefde” introduced the event with the title; Israel-Palestine debate 2018, The Palestinian right of return. Why, how and who?

There came two guests:


Left Ali Right Eitan

  • Ali Abunimah
  • Eitan Bronstein Aparicio


Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian-American journalist and the co-founder and executive director of the widely acclaimed publication The Electronic Intifada and Eitan Bronstein Aparicio is a an Israeli educator , he founded the NGO Zochrot and served as its Director until 2011. In 2015 he co-founded De-Colonizer

Only reading the title of the event made me sick, so, as Founder of Time To Stand Up For Israel we didn’t have any other choice then to make an event and go and listen to their lies. Investigating the opponents and looking where they believe in .


As the event was introduced as a debate, we figured we could come and give our Pro-Israel opinion. Wrong, as soon our event was discovered on the internet, our opponents told, they would inform de location ( de Nieuwe Liefde) , so they could refuse us. Probably afraid we would disturb their indoctrination lecture.


Time for a second plan. I bought a wig and we decided to drive to Amsterdam and enter undercover the location. In the car we had a lot of fun, it was hilarious to see me wear the cheap wig and we couldn’t stop laughing. Near the location the situation became tense, we decided to walk as individual visitor to the location, the chance they would discover and recognize us was much bigger in a group. While I walked to the location, I saw the director of this, at least, disputable place outside checking all the visitors, My heart was pounding in my chest. He looked at me, but I turned my face the other way. Yes, I made it to the entrance and i passed the selection.


But my heart stopt, inside at the counter, two people. One woman that was 2 weeks prior on Damsquare, we had a huge discussion with her, were we told her she behaved as a neo-nazi and on the right professional activist José van Leeuwen, that would recognize me between a million people and she looked behind me, where the third person popped up.. Maarten Jan Hijmans, a self-appointed journalist/writer, writing under the name abu Pessoptimist.

The last two kicked a friend and me, within 30 seconds out of a location where we wanted to attend an event about the Gaza flotilla. I decided to act “normal” and with big relieve I noticed they didn’t recognize me. I was in..

Time for the ”debate” . First was Ali Abunimah, an American Arab, stating he is a Palestinian, pitty enough he could speak very well. And if you didn’t know better you would believe his lies. He told about “Palestine” before the Jews Came, the destruction of land by the Jews, The genocide and the Naqba. To hear the lies was one big horror.   He did nothing else then compare the “Israeli regime” with the South African Apartheids regime. Totally disgusting and not to compare at all, but well, what can we expect from an Arab that grew up in Islam that is known for it’s Jew hatred?

The Time went slowly. After a 40 minutes or so, that felt as 40 years, it was time for Eitan Bronstein. Shocking and disgusting to see an Israeli self hating Jew talk about Israel like this, well he did not even talked about Israel, he talked about Palestine. His English was bad and he had nothing much to add to Ali Abunimah. Still for us this was the most sad. So many People would love to live in Israel and this traitor of his country is damaging Israel so much. He is so naïve, telling there is room enough for a few million extra Arab “refugees” and they would live in peace next to the Jews… No one talked about the Jew Hatred in the Islam, Nobody talked about Islamic ideology and this Eitan, that should be proud of Israel betrayed her with his words. be joint sickening.

In this ‘debate’ that wasn’t a debate but an indoctrination session with creepy people in the room, (when you closed your eyes, you can easily imagine that you are in a room full of SS officers applauding their leader), we did hear thousands of times the word South Africa. Totally misplaced. But the most painful was the Jews inside the room, cheering and supporting the BDS (boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel) movement. Somehow I think that if Islam will definitely be settled in Europe and the sharia law will be introduced, these group with traitors will be the first to knock on the door to Israel. Painful, it was a painful evening , where to be honest, I lost again hope that people at the end will see the truth about beautiful Israel.


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There is one subject in this world that everybody needs but it is most complicated to define “Love”. Whether it is love between people, love for animals, material things, religions, countries, it is for nobody the same and it is hard to understand what “real love” means or what her definition is.


A child will cry to his parents “you don’t love me” If the parents make an unpopular decision for him. But the parents will tell, this is out of love because I want that you will have a great and happy future.

My biggest love I feel for Israel, how I know it is real love? For me it is easy.  When I am in the plane and see Tel Aviv approaching there is a sensation floating through my body.  Tears come into my eyes and I know there I will feel relaxed and happy.  The moment I set foot on her soil my heart opens and a smile appear on my face. What problems I might have, they disappear, no more worries because I am in her arms. Besides that, the admiration I have for her is huge, from desert to a flourishing country.  From ancient tribes living in huts till modern prosperous cities. And from nomads and barbaric culture till high-tech country with lots of high moral standards.

blog 2

This is Israel and this I love!  Most, if not all, the achievements are made by the Jewish population, dangerous to say in today’s world, but the absolute truth.

Israel is in the middle of fights between nations and groups of the members of the old tribes that only loved hate and destruction.  The Arabic culture is based on the tribes’ system, nowadays in Iraq, you still have several Tribes fighting each other and Iraq is not the only one in that..

The “Palestinians” are descendants from ancient Arabic tribes, they wandered around through the entire Middle East and now claiming that prosperous Israel belongs to them.

They love the country, they love Jerusalem and especially Al Aqsa. Jews stole it from them, Jews are the occupiers, the horrible human being. Jews don’t belong there. This is the country they love right?


Well… what is love? What is the definition of love? In my opinion, this definition covers it pretty much: Love is to become happy if the subject of your love is doing well, is healthy, prosperous, if ( in case of love for a country) is good for her people, if there is a democratic system, if there is a justice system.  If the land brings enough raw materials to live.

What is the contribution of the Arabs calling themselves “ Palestinians” to this love? To this country?

blog 3

In protest marches, they arson land, kill thousands of animals in their natural habitat. They kill trees, humans.  When Gaza was given to the “Palestinians” they destroyed hospitals, houses, farms and land because it came from the Jews. They didn’t know how quick they had to bring back the prosperous land, into a sea of darkness, back hundreds of years ago, back to the huts, back to the tribe wars (Hamas against Fatah etc) .

When Muslims pray in Jerusalem at “Their” holy side al Aqsa, they turn their back to the Al Aqsa, their faces pointed to Mekka, the true holy side.

Bottom line, when you are prepared to destroy the land, to commit lie and deceipt in order to get what you want, to destroy then this is not love, this is pure hate.  The world should be aware of this

Islam is the religion of Hate and Destruction, it is not a people and sure not a nation.  Israel loves life, the only shining star in a sea of darkness.  If you love Life, you love Israel.

Shana Tova 5779 May Israel stay in hands of those who love her genuinely




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Horror on Rabin square

My love for Israel is born in my childhood, when I lived there with my family due to the fact my father was in the Dutch army and was sent to the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in the Middle East. As I told before, the first moment I set foot on Israeli soil, I was home and that never changed from that day in January 1978.


With my group Time To Stand Up For Israel, we are having weekly Pro Israel support actions in Amsterdam. Already 2 years we are standing there in support of Israel and the Israeli tourists that are faced with hate in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. They are confronted with Pro Hamas activists disguised as Pro “Palestinian “activists waving the “Palestinian”, (almost similar to Jordan), flag.


The Pro “Palestinian “activists are verbally attacking Israeli tourists, often young boys and girls just before or just after the army, that come to relax and enjoy themselves. Or just families that are trying to live their life in peace….To see our Israeli flags and hear our Israeli music comfortz them, releases them from some stress and for the short moments makes them happy…

In the mean time the Pro “Palestinians’ are shouting and cheering “from the river to the sea, Palestine should be free”, this in combination of the map that shows what for them means “Palestine” makes clear what they actually mean with this slogan. As Pro Israel/ Pro Jewish activist Michael Jacobs said: Don’t be fooled with the slogan; “From the river to the sea, Palestine should be free” they actually mean, Israel/ Palestine must be “Jude rein” aka every Jew should be killed and driven into the sea.

Then in preparation of our weekly action on august 12th I opened Facebook and saw the horrible horrible images of the protests against the National state Law. The Rabin square in Tel Aviv full of “Palestinian flags”, the building decorated with this Flag of terror… and among the hundreds Israeli Arabs a lot of leftist Jews, cheering alongside those that supporting a Jude rein “Palestine”.

blog vlag

I understand Israel is a democratic country, but some things are just too much to handle. Jews happy and cheerful protesting for their own self-destruction? While I set down and read everything tears were in my eyes. Is this my Israel? Is this the country I am defending with all my power and devotion? Can you imagine, if I feel this way, how should someone feel that lost friends, relatives in terror attacks or in wars defending Israel and the Jewish people? Someone that lost a loved one that was defending all this persons whom are now cheering around the same flag of hate and destruction?

My heart is broken and I pray with all my heart that in the next elections this bunch of ignorant people will not get the majority in the Knesset. If this will be my Israel in the future, I think Israel is lost forever. Of course we all should look for Peace and harmony .. but let it be in a realistic way. Until now the only thing where Hamas is honest about, is the fact that their goal is the total destruction of Israel and every Jew in it.

Please Israelis wake up, you and your parents, grandparents fought hard for Israel, worked with blood, sweat and tears to make this country a fantastic Jewish state, where there is a total freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a country where there is no racism. The proud Jewish state… Don’t be fooled, just wake up

Israel has the right to exist and the right to defend herself


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The Shelter

Last night and during the day the Red Alert application on my phone went off again, not one time, hundreds of times. I had to close off my phone to get some sleep. What lucky I am that I am able to switch off the phone and go to sleep….

Going to sleep and knowing that 3000 km further in the country that I love, it is raining mortar shells and Hamas rockets. 3000 km away my friends are brutally awakened from their sleep and have to run for their lives to the shelters and safe rooms… sleeping? No, I can’t. I open my phone once again to open Facebook, looking for a sign of them in my beloved Israel. No messages and the alarm sound continues to fill my room and is disturbing my inner peace severely.

blog 1

3000 km further and in the middle of the night, as a seer, I know already more or less what will happen tomorrow.
It will go like this: whole night and whole day it will rain rockets in southern Israel, The commanders of the IDF will gather and debate their strategic plans.  Then as a preparation of the retaliation, the people of Gaza will be warned that there will follow airstrikes on certain locations very soon.

Israel will strike back, bomb the hell out of Hamas areas and buildings and will leave Gaza as if there has nothing happened. Probably by mistake some people will get killed, even women or children, because by Hamas they are used as human shields, but how sad it might be, it is the collateral damage of a country in war with terrorists.

Then the media will wake up.. “The zionist dogs, the cowards, the demons of Israel did it again”…. No word about my friends in the shelter, no words about the traumatized children in Southern Israel, no word about who started this in the first place, who is the aggressor…no word about the truth. Israel gets the blame.. like usual.


In the very early morning, I go to sleep with a heavy heart; I have 2 hours before I go back to work. Here in the streets no sirens, no panic, everybody is living his or her boring life and can only judge…I arrived at my work and I get a message via Whatsapp, my friend from Ashkelon, I asked him how are you? I receive a voice message from him.

Quote “He Sabine, yes, one hour ago we were still in the shelter, we did hear little bombs in the air but I think it will not get worse today ” Unquote….

I answered him back, listen if here in Holland we hear a “little” bomb the whole country will be in chaos and panic. His answer; Well this is the reality of Israel, our government doesn’t do anything is listening to the world and we are living a big part of our life in the saferoom or shelter.

blog 3

Iron Dome in action

If you did not know better, you would laugh at his laconic words; however it touches my heart. The whole world is condemning Israel and yet you don’t hear the truth, you don’t hear how much it affects normal life, how children grow up in fear. I just can sent all my positive energy to my friends in the shelter. But my heart keeps crying.

World wake up for the truth and Israel please, take the necessary measures to prevent subsequent attacks.


It is Time To Stand Up For Israel, the truth must be told.

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Pain comes in different forms and shapes; you have physical pain and mental pain.Physical pain is the easiest one to explain, you can measure that someone is ill, has a fever, maybe a wound that is clear for everybody to see. Still it is very blog6subjective, you have people with a very low pain threshold and ones with a very high pain threshold. Experiences of pain depends on your pain threshold, your sexe, your education and cultural background. We all agree on this.


But with mental pain it is so much different, how do we explain for example a broken heart, the feeling of being lonely and sad. How can we see in another person his or her suffering? In relation to Israel it seems always an issue… The Pallywood propaganda machine dedicates its entire existence in delegitimizing the suffering from the Jewish people in de past and in the present. It exaggeratepallywood-1728x800_c her own pain and by delegitimizing the suffering from Jewish people, from Israelis, they make themselves the biggest victims of injustice in this entire world and the world believes the libel and slander.

Well to the world i tell this:

  • Suffering is growing up with little or none family because all are murdered in the WW2
  • Suffering is growing up as a child from traumatized parents due to the Shoa
  • Suffering is longing to a safe home for the Jews but not able to reach that home
  • Suffering is getting discriminated and ridiculed and excluded only because you are Jewish
  • Suffering is always longing for peace but always get rejected
  • Suffering is forced to defend your country with your own body due to hate against you and your people
  • Suffering is getting your loved one killed, murdered because he is Jewish.
  • Suffering is working hard on the development of your country and it is torched by savages
  • Suffering is living in fear not knowing when the next red alert will sound and where the rocket will fall.
  • Suffering is always being the first when there is emergency aid necessary yet you will never be acknowledged
  • Suffering is not be able to walk without confrontations with Jew-hatred anywhere except for Israel.
  • Suffering is …..etc etc etc

This list of suffering is huge and even overwhelming but instead of getting into a depression and negative spirit, Jews in Israel are celebrating life. One of the reasons one should admire and love Israel is the flexibility of her beautiful people. Yes there is a lot wrong, like anywhere else in this world, mostly all men are macho, women in general are extremely assertive, children are rotten spoiled and Israelis almost never on time. ( excuse me for generalizing)

But where in this world I see the entire population celebrating when there is a plain entering Israel with on board new immigrants? “They”, the Israelis, do not stick in the row for the busstop, but if you are in trouble and reach out? Almost immediately someone Is there to help. Look to the contributions to the world in Hightech, Agriculture, Security, Emergency aid, Medicins. No other country in this world can level Israel.


Israel, the country that knows what suffering is, Israel the country that build herself beyond believes..Israel the only country that keeps my heart and soul forever


Am Yisrael Chai,..



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If the haters only could see

Israel, country of the sun, of the blooming desert, the joyful people, the melting pot of all cultures and religions.  Whenever I set foot on her soil, I instantly become happy, when I leave her the sadness enters my soul and tears keep running.

blog 5

Kibbutz Nir David

I walk in her streets and in her magnificent nature and always wonder how on earth it is possible that one hate her people so much that they are prepared to destroy everything they can destroy.

In Tel Aviv I slept in the Crown Sea hostel, a fantastic place close to the beautiful beach of this vibrating city.

blog 4

Crown Sea Hostel Tel Aviv

In this hostel I met people from numerous countries, most of them were for the very first time in the land of milk and honey. I met the hardworking owners and I met the Arabic (!!)man that is the real estate owner of a big part of this district of Tel Aviv.  His name is Abu Lafia, a friendly man that also owns the famous bakery in Yaffo. When a Russian guest of the hostel and me paid this bakery a visit we immediately got free bread and drinks from him, he is always prepared to say a friendly word when you see him at his daily visit to the owners  and friends of the Hostel ( Dudi & Barak).  This friendly, both feets on the earth man, is a multi-millionaire and an Arabic one.  Jews and Arabs living together in peace and harmony. The “Israel is an Apartheid state” fairytale can never stands under these circumstances.  If the haters only could see.

In the hostel I asked, curious as I am, to several people from several countries that were for the first time in Israel, what their opinion about Israel was prior to their visit and what is their opinion now.  Most of them were rather neutral in their opinion and were especially warned by family about the dangerous situation in Israel. One person an American Jewish leftwinged male from Texas was not Pro Israel at all, he choose to hide the target of his journey “Israel”.  I was shocked and started to tell him about the real situation of Israel, Gaza, Judea and Samaria  aka “Westbank” He told honestly that he loved the city Tel Aviv and was astonished about the variety of people, Jew,  Muslim, Christian, Secular, black, white, jellow… and the, for him, shocking reality entered his consciousness. The situation in Israel and the reality of the “conflict in the middle east” were totally different.  So totally different then what the Media is reporting on dailey basis.  After talking about one hour, tears were floating from his eyes and he realized with horror that he always supported the wrong side.  He happily became a member of “Time To Stand Up For Israel” and I hope he will spread the word of truth for Israel.

Later that night, when I walked at the boulevard of Tel Aviv it became clear for me, there is a way to reach the ignorant or Israel hating people, we can achieve an everlasting understanding and love for Israel. It will cost billions of Dollars, the (very) rich Israel loving people could help.  Arrange trips to Israel for them that has no idea, but are willing to learn. Travel with them around Israel, show them the real life, the positive side of this amazing country and see with your own eyes how their opinion will change forever. I would be glad to be the tour guide, this should be  a journey about the truth, not religious, not political, but based on the reality of the daily life, when we could arrange something like this, the world would change and will be a better place for mankind in general and Jews especially.

My love for Israel is everlasting


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The people without morality

The tension in Israel is rising sky high at the moment. Israel has to experience several attacks from Gaza towards Israeli territory. The sound of the alarms screams through the night and the Israeli men, women and children have to flee into their shelters.


Within a few hours after the attacks, the IAF and IDF ( Israeli air force and army) are ready to retaliate the cowardly attacks on innocent civilians and rush to destroy Hamas weapon factories or other hostile targets.

This is an ongoing situation, while Israel is trying to build and develop their country every day, the so called “Palestinians” are doing the opposite. With joy they celebrate when they manage to destroy thousands of acres precious land by their fire kites. They are full of joy when they hear the harvest of a whole village is destroyed and trees are burned. They never have any love for anything that is living, so they even do not care about the precious wildlife that is killed in a horrible way.

They cry fake tears when Israel is protecting her precious country. The country they, the Palestinians themselves, eat from. They cry when after several warning terrorists that are tearing down the borders are killed. Ofcourse it is never the intention of Israel to kill, the world is looking at it differently.

They blame Israel, They tell their citizens that Israeli’s are too compared with Nazi’s, more hypocrite and more inhumane it cannot get. Europe that saw her Jewish population got murdered, got slaughtered by Jew hatred. Europe that never helped any Jews in the wars. Europe where no Jew is safe anymore, that Europe together with many many other countries in the world is condemning Israel. And is crying together with the “Peaceful” “Palestinians”.

In the second world war the Jews were expelled, they had to go home, leave Europe…Today they have to go home, leave Israel … Palestinians are trying to delegitimize all Jewish suffering and are trying to even turn that to themselves. So they dare to say that Israel is committing genocide, while the “Palestinian” population is growing very rapid. They dare to compare a Jewish soldier to a Nazi, while Hamas is urging their people to take knifes and fire arms and to kill every Jew that comes in their way. While Israeli soldiers are helping as much as they can, Hamas and the “Palestinians” use women, children, disabled and babies as human shields. No mercy no morality


While the world is condemning Israel, Israel continues to develop. One of the newest Israeli inventions is plastic that can be recycled completely. We have in all kinds of society very talented Israelis. A few days ago I stumbled upon a young Israeli man,
Shai Peri. His music is made from heaven, he can play almost everything and has an amazing voice, soon his first single will be released and I am sure that he will reach sky high. And israel contributes so much more to the world, it is truly the light unto the nations.


Shai Peri

I have a dream, like Martin Luther King once said, I have a dream that the eyes of the world will open en that the true intentions of the “Palestinians” will be seen by all humanitiy. It is time to understand that Israel has a right to exist and a right to defend herself with all means.

The Israelis do not have another country.

Am Yisrael Chai

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