Foreign Influences

Can you imagine, that you live in a democratic country, every 4 years there are elections and regardless of religion, gender or ethnical background you can vote for the political party of your choice. There is freedom of speech and a western constitution..


You and your countrymen have worked hard to cultivate the land, to build cities and to develop it economically. Because of that in a relatively short period of time the country developed from a dry , arid desert, into a thriving prosperous area where it is very pleasant to live.


There is one problem, the surrounding countries are not that ambitious, they never used their skills, their knowledge or determination to develop their country. The result is that they see the difference from your country with theirs and jealousy, greed and envy arise. The Neighbors of your country jointly plan an attack and start a war.  Miraculous your country wins the war and you and your countrymen want nothing more than to live in peace and happiness, happily ever after…


This is the story of tiny Israel in a nutshell…What makes that Israel is different than for example the Netherlands, France, Belgium ?  These countries are also Democratic and have the same kind of constitution, there is also freedom of religion and speech. In the second world war they faught too against the country next to them and when the war was over, they wanted to live in peace and happiness, happily ever after…

Do you really think the Dutch for example, want to interfere in the politics of regardless which country except for Israel? No, they are friends, allies and we trust the democratic politics.  So how strange it is that almost the entire Western world is trying to interfere in Israeli Politics? From where they get the nerve to impose rules on another democratic country on penalty of Boycott, Sanctions and divestment?


Of course all the inventions and innovation, security that Israel offers is not boycotted, it only concerns food and cultural contributions of Israel. How hypocrite. If you would not know better you would say it is an antisemitic attitude. Because why China is not boycotted due to their interference of Tibet, or Morocco due to their interference of the Western part of the Sahara or one of the almost 200 disputed areas in the World… the answer…. It is no News when there are no Jews…


Stop the Boycott and treat Israel as the Ally it is..

AM Yisrael Chai

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After Trump revealed the “deal of the century” for a split second the world was exited… Finally, finally there would be a huge chance of peace again….
It took not very long…the Palestinian authorities were screaming, shouting, swearing and threatening Israel and the United States.. Of course they would not accept it, (what is new? ) and they said for the 12th time NO to peace.


• 1937 Peel Partition-NO sse
• 1939 White book-NO
• 1947 UN Partition-NO
• 1967 Khartoum resolution-NO
• 1977 Egyptian peace deal-NO
• 2000 Camp David-NO


This shabbat rockets flew from Gaza into the south of Israel again… Rockets paid by the international community which is relentless in their efforts to victimize the ‘poor’ ‘palestinians’. And it didn’t took long before the world was pointing to Israel again as the one that was to blame, the one with the ‘bad’ intentions.


Rockets from Gaza on the south of Israel

It occupied my mind, what could be a different approach, how one achieves peace… it reminded me of the ‘Peace’ duty my father did in 1978/1979 for the UNTSO.. He was responsible for the family reunions for the Druzen between Syria and Israel… Once a month families could visit each other under supervision of UNTSO that provided the security..


Since Israel became an independent state once again, the ‘palestinian’ children grew up with misinformation and hate speech towards Israeli citizens, there is no understanding and respect whatsoever. So It is clear that in all those years that Israel has existed, the misunderstanding between the Arab and Jewish inhabitants of the country has only increased

Think with me, if the plans for peace from foreign governments don’t work and Israel wants peace, what can we do? Maybe i am quoting Martin Luther King now but;

“I have dream”…

What if, Israel chooses every month an entire Arabic village and an entire Jewish city/village and let families have dinner with each other, give them the opportunity to speak to each other and tell them their point of view.. one evening it is the turn for the Israelis the other evening for the Arabic people..
For the safety people that visit each other are searched for weapons.
and a unit with guards must be ready to guarantee the safety in that city that month.. also every family should have some kind of panic button that day, as soon one presses on it, the guards will come..

With these safety measures one can start a dialogue to create mutual understanding and sympathy.. in that month.. the families will visit each other 8 times.. and maybe create friendship and after that month the project will be repeated in another village/ city.  If peace is not achieved on high level, maybe on micro level it has a chance….

Because Israel will always strive for peace. In Israel people celebrate life and not death


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From Hamas with Love

Last weekend when Shabbat started, almost as supernatural signs, the rockets flew again from Gaza into the South of Israel, causing the inhabitants of the south of Israel stress and the duty to spend the Shabbat in the bombshelters.

From Hamas with love.


Rockets from Gaza on the south of Israel

Luckely Israel has the Iron dome, protecting Israel from the evil shelling. Little children, robbed from a peaceful evening, not allowed to sleep in their own beds, but rushed into the bombshelter…are asking Mum, Dad why i cannot sleep in my own bed.

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What is the power of Israel? How is it possible that within 7 decades Israel transformed from desert into a thriving and prosperous country.

Despite all tensions, terrorattacks, antisemitism and sometimes harsh living conditions,  Israel is ranked  11th as happiest country in the world.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is israelteach1200-729x486.jpg

And it is not hard to see, when you are in Israel you will be surrounded by positive energy.   It starts in the El Al plane towards Ben Gurion Airport; People excited to come home, eating the delicious Hummus, the Israeli attitude, talking a lot to eachother and often people are singing, pure happiness.

Walking outside the airport, when you come in the right season, you will smell the blossom of the Orange trees. Walk in Tel Aviv on the boulevard near the sea and you see groups of people dance on the same boulevard… enjoying every second of life.

Ofcourse not everything is as pink as i paint it for you. But still… the Jewish people have the ability to see the glas half full instead of half empty.. I remember in times of severe rockets attacks on the south you could see a video of a school with small children, they just made a beautiful song, so the kids could stay happy and just smile.. admiration for that.

I also recall the times of the arsons in November 2016. I had an appointement with a friend that lived in Haifa. The fire reached his house within 10 meters… And instead of getting hysterical and depressed, he was just grateful his house was saved and even made jokes about it.


You can see, like everywhere, people shouting to eachother, talking loud, disagree in public but when disaster strikes suddenly every disagreement is disapeared and people will stand side by side to help eachother. Israel is a great country, always first to help other countries in times of trouble and put a smile on the faces of those in need and give them back hope for the future… IsraAid is spreading Israeli positive spirit around the globe. Despite centuries of persecution and discrimination Israel is never hesitating to reach out their helping hands and change the fate of many people in need in positive ways. 


Staying positive, smile and continue is the way to survive.

To survive hard times, it is very necessary to stay positive.

Not only the knowledge of the people of Israel, Not only their determination to survive, not only the excellent Israeli defense force, but most of all the POSITIVE spirit of the most Israeli people is making this country  amazing.

Am Yisrael chai

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September 2019 – Wij

September 2019 – Wij (opgedragen aan mijn liefste koning David)

Jij…kwam onverwachts.. kwam uit het niets…kwam met hoop voor de toekomst
Jij… nam mijn hart, nam mijn ziel, nam de leegte en eenzaamheid…
Jij.. gaf… gaf liefde, gaf geluk, gaf vertrouwen
Jij.. repareerde mijn hart, mijn ziel , mijn zelfvertrouwen..

Een kostbaar mens,
Een zeldzaam mens
Een mens zo lief, zo geweldig, zo scherp en slim
Een mens  uniek en betrokken.

Wij…  Samen één, Samen Sterk
Wij…. Samen raar, gek  en onszelf
Wij… Samen,  niemand komt er tussen
Wij… Samen kunnen we alles aan..

In dit leven, niets simpel
In dit leven, niets vanzelfsprekend
In dit leven, veel onrecht en weinig tijd
In dit leven, raken we veel kwijt…

Kennis Is kostbaar…
Commitment is zeldzaam
Lief, zo geweldig , zo scherp en slim ben jij
Uniek en betrokken dat zijn wij


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Juni 2019- Bulletproof

Juni 2019 (Opgedragen aan mijn koning David, mijn liefste)


Jij…slim, scherp, snel, wijs
Jij…doelgericht, koud…meedogenloos, intens..
Jij… grappig, diepzinnig, lief… alleen
Jij… bijzonder en zeldzaam mens

Ik…gevoelig, intuïtief, flexibel, naïef
Ik…volhouder, warm, eigenwijs, intens
Ik…betrouwbaar, eerlijk, lief…alleen
Ik…bijzonder en zeldzaam mens.

Wij…samen lief
Wij…samen passie
Wij…samen trouw
Wij…samen bijzonder zeldzaam

Vechten voor een gemeenschappelijke doel
Vechten voor een zelfde passie is onze grootste troef
Vechten voor onze liefde met een lach en soms een traan.
Samen één en bulletproof.

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Year 2009- My rollercoaster life

Year 2009

My rollercoaster life

No more troubles, no more worries in my rollercoaster life
Be able to see a littly butterfly happy in the sky,
Smoothly driven by the wind
No more trouble, no more worries in my rollercoaster life
Look into the eyes of the one you love.. always full
Of confidence and trust.. calm, easy and so relaxed..
My rollercoaster life, full of  sadness and pain..
Heart broken by lost loves.. dissapointements and fears..
My rollercoaster life, full of exitement and joy..
I live and i am proud, my heart is still able to love..
My mind still able to think..
No more worries, no more more..
I love my rollercoaster life

(by: Sabine Sterk the meaning of life  )

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