Proud of Israel

Proud of Israel

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Israel, a tiny country somewhere in the dry and arid Middle East, surrounded by hostile Arab states.A country that is fighting, since its existence, for her right to live in peace and harmony. A country that has to fight against terror, against continuous lies, against racism and Antisemitism.  A country that is build with determination, power and hope by the Jewish people, a lot of them (ancestors of) Holocaust survivors.

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And the people of Israel did a tremendous job, they build modern and vivid cities, like Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Modiín, build universities, hospitals, airports, harbours. They even fought nature, they Irrigated the Negev desert and changed it into a true oases. They planted trees and developed new agricultural methods.  Above this all, they created a society where everybody has equal rights,  Jews, Arabs, Male and female.

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A country that commits herself to the rules of law, yes also in Israel people commit crimes, but there is always a modern court system that deals with that. Many nobel prizes for several inventions came from Israeli hands.   Israel is the keyplayer in Innovation and High tech/ Medical development. A country to be proud of.

For Israel the safety of her people is a great concern. That Israel is a huge keyplayer in the field of safety & security, has something to do with that. Against the terror rockets from Hamas, Israel invented the Iron dome.  On the road to Jerusalem you can find a few tunnels, they are there to protect the people for dangerous rock throwings by people that call themselves “Palestinians”. After the massacre at the Olympics In Munich, Germany, Israel understood they had to create a strong intelligence agency and so Mossad, the very best, came in the picture.  All is to protect Israel and her inhabitants. 

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The Israeli spirit is strong, the Israeli spirit is the skills to celebrate life, the wish to help humanity, the wish to live in peace. This is not only seen in Israel or only for Jewish people, no we can see it allover the world. IsraAid Turkey , Miami…. Always with a dedication to admire.

Israel never rejects a peace-offer, so Israel signed the Abraham accords, in which a peace agreement is made with UAE, Bahrain and Morocco and normalizations with many other Arab states are to be expected soon.  Israel is always progressing.

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There is so many things that are remarkable and to admire that you should think everyone loves Israel. However, in this era of darkness, the lies are winning more and more… and Israel is seen to many times as the bad guy.  However, until now, Israel is Always one step ahead. Many religious people will see there the hands of Hashem.  I see it as the Israeli spirit that most Jewish people inherited…

Proud of Israel, the shining diamond in a sea of darkness.


About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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  1. mosckerr says:

    History: the study of past dead generations vs. Prophetic mussar – the rebuke to all generations living.

    The Hebrew T’NaCH includes Torah Prophets and Holy Writings. The relationship of the Holy Writings to the Torah and Prophets compares to the relationship the Gemarah of the Talmud has with the Mishna. The T’NaCH does not include any Books of History as the alien Xtian biblical classifications falsely assumes.

    The T’NaCH does not teach History but rather prophetic mussar. Big/HUGE error in basic T’NaCH scholarship. Mussar defines the concept of all T’NaCH prophesy. Prophets did not foretell the future, predicting the future falls under mysticism like as found in the Book of Daniel or the tumah witchcraft abomination which worships a female God. By absolute contrast, prophetic mussar applies equally to all generations of bnai brit Israel! Only bnai brit Israel has a sworn oath-brit-alliance with HaShem. The Xtian Bible and Muslim Koran – both fail to bring even once – the name of HaShem – as revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai!

    The Talmud views the stories in the T’NaCH NOT as history but rather prophetic mussar. The “Aggadita” communicated within the first Book of בראשית, all these Torah characters teach prophetic mussar. RATHER than physical notions of historical reality. The Aggaditic stories from Adam, Noach, the Avot and the children of Israel who descend unto Egyptian g’lut — all these personages communicate Aggadita mussar stories, not the history of the people of Israel. The story of Israel enslaved in Egypt by Par’o and redeemed by Moshe — also strictly & only an Aggadita mussar nonliteral story. These mussar nonliteral stories, they serve as the basis by which Israelites forged the unique culture and customs which form & shape the collective souls of the Jewish people – our identities of self – as a people distinct and separated from all other peoples on this Earth.

    The T’NaCH Aggadic mussar stories, they do not define Jewish ancient history. Rather the prophetic mussar codifications, as espressed through Aggaditah and Midrashim, they both describe and define, the cultures and customs developed by an ancient people – known today as the Jewish people. A people do not develop their identifying cultures and customs out of thin air. This most essential fact, it does not “convert” the Hebrew T’NaCH literature into a collection of history books as the biblical and korah scholars claim. That the authors and framers of these collection of T’NaCH Books, despite written a long time ago … the k’vanna of all these aggadic works contained within T’NaCH literature – T’NaCH aggadic mussar stories, do NOT communicate concrete actual histories of ancient Israel.

    Prophetic mussar shares nothing in common with a fat person eating comfort food to make them feel better despite their obesity. Bunk upon the original sin guilt trip. Prophetic mussar rebukes a person from within his own heart. It inspires the baali t’shuvah person to differentiate between tohor and tumah middot לשמה – the first commandment at Sinai. The Greatest commandment upon which hang all the other תרי”ג commandments. Love of HaShem, only functions as a precedent by which to understand the k’vanna of the 1st Sinai commandment.

    This subtle distinction of k’vanna/intent\ separates Torah faith, day and night: from Xtian and Muslim avoda zarah Av tumah faiths. The latter “holy” (a pun) books absolutely depend upon and requires concrete depictions of physical history. Abstract aggadic mussar has absolutely no meaning or purpose in the Creeds and theologies espoused by all avoda zarah belief systems. Xtianity cannot exist without a physical Jesus. Rava, a later Amorah Gemarah sage, he expresses a totally opposing idea to the false history parameters set by the preachers of avoda zarah – – Rava refers to Job only as an imaginary man!

    This warp/weft: concrete/physical vs. abstract\emotional – Talmudic “loom” – it weaves the fabric of all Talmudic literature, which always separates concrete realist halacha, from its opposing abstract emotional/aggadic feelings. This distinct division within and throughout the whole of the Talmud, it fundamentally defines how the Sages perceived the relationship between Torah commandments. vs.Torah common law/משנה תורה. The New Testament fiction which pretends to depict the imaginary man Jesus as God, and the actual character, the agent provocateur the Apostle Paul, both this & that errs to make the most essential of distinctions between Jewish Oral Torah common law contrasted by Roman statute law.

    Obviously, the translation of the ancient Hebrew prophetic mussar texts have greatly interested many alien outsiders, foreign Goyim scholars who never cut an oath sworn alliance with HaShem. The hard fact, that Goyim scholarship ignores the Order and organization of the Torah, known as פ/chapter and ס\sub-chapter (פרק\סוגיה). This gross error, arrogant Biblical foreign translators, who unilaterally presume that they possess a mandate to impose a completely different Order and organization upon the Torah & NaCH literature. This foolishness compares to the UN who assumes that they possess a protectorate mandate over Israel which gives them the legal right (international law) to determine the international borders of the Jewish state of Israel, together with the determination of the Capital of Israel! The numbered Chapters and verses made throughout their biblical perversions, defines the arrogance and ignorance of Xtian biblical scholarship throughout history. The pius fools remain totally oblivious, that changing the Order and structure of the T’NaCH compares to GOD vs. DOG.

    This Goyification of the Hebrew T’NaCH likewise prioritizes the history of a theology which declares biblical characters as actual real-life historical persons. At the same time, this perversion totally and completely ignores prophetic mussar expressed through Aggadic abstract emotions, expressed throughout all T’NaCH literature! This foreign European viewpoint, it has shaped and defined the avoda zarah of both Xtianity and Islam. The falsification of ancient Hebrew culture and customs into artificial “actual” history, artificially created, a physical history narrative that never actually lived nor existed; this tumah corruption of the T’NaCH, it has changed and degraded & defiled the mussar message within the whole of the T’NaCH, throughout the entire history of Xtianity and Islamic avoda zarah.

    Church arrogance, throughout its entire history, views the Talmud with extreme hostility. The Talmudic sages, in stark contrast, they read the T’NaCH as prophetic mussar/aggadita. Talmudic sages separate and distinguish between abstract tohor vs. concrete tumah middot “spirits” (lust for a woman, for example, represents a tumah emotion), this most basic and fundamental T’NaCH mussar, the church fathers utterly despised, discounted, and ignored. Hebraic prophetic mussar simply does not fit into their ‘Good News’ narrative. Which the New Testament proponents, throughout history, have actively desired to preach & promote across the world.

    The church father’s total derision of how the Jewish refugee people of the early Middle Ages, how those Jews developed the basis of current customs, cultures and traditions, shaped and defined by both T’NaCH and Talmudic interpretations of Common Law learned the Torah mitzvot precedential commandments. These evil, and corrupt church fathers preferred religious rhetoric and propaganda. They deny to this very day, the existence of all Oral Torah common law; linked to prophetic mussar. Achieved through the Aggadic mussar portions within the Talmud.

    פרדס kabbalah, as taught by Rabbi Akiva, and all the sages within the Talmud, weaves the warp of halacha together with the weft of the Aggadah. The corrupt church fathers repeatedly chose to burn the Talmud, as did the 20th Century Nazis. Both relied upon rhetoric and propaganda and both abhorred the idea to objectively weigh the essential perspective taught by Jewish Torah Talmudic scholars.

    Starting with the Apostle Paul, Goyim religious leaders, authorities, and scholars condemned any attempt to “Judaize” Xtianity, as this threatened the very basis of their false messiah narrative; their Creed based belief systems & theologies of religious rhetoric and propaganda. The early church leadership emphatically rejected inclusion of their Creed based theologies as having any part with the cursed Christ killers Jews. They rejected any attempt to categorize Xtianity as being just another Jewish heretical subset within Jewish culture and traditions: the false messiahs of Shabbatai Zevi & Yaacov Frank. The latter false messiah movements highly influenced the rise of Reform and liberal Judaism. The church preferred a different path. It strives to develop its own unique set of cultures and traditions, which shapes the different European civilizations and societies of Europe & Russia; or at least the umbrella of church cultural domination extended till the Shoah abomination, effectively obliterated the good name of Xtianity as a religion.

    The western notions of history define idiotic box thinking, which limits the T’NaCH literature to a real-life history of ancient Israel. The West simply refuses to acknowledge that both life and reality exists, outside of their silly theological creed boxes. The Catholic & Protestant Churches calls this type of numb skull box thinking – – ‘church dogma’, or Creed doctrine. The Inquisition, as an example, banned publication of Galileo’s works on astronomy because it challenged church dogma. Compare the next floor of modern box thinking stupidity. Western science and medicine stand upon the worthless cracked foundations of dogmatism and rhetoric propaganda made famous by Joseph Goebbels. This silly worthless hidebound dogmatic idol of vanity, for example, equally dominates modern medical cancer research and medicine. Freeing the mind from these empty sterile virgin birth boxes, directly compares to the prophetic mussar which mocked the worship of wood carved idols. Times change but the stupidity of Man remains the same.


  2. Pierre Scheffers says:

    Mooie site! 👌🇮🇱
    Ik ben trots om Joods te zijn! 💪


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