The source of Evil….

The Source of Evil… The most dangerous war
Create awareness, is the keyword for the event i attended as your special reporter on the evening of April 2nd 2016. Organized by MEM (Middle East Monitor), with it’s headquarters in London together with Al Jazeera’s news network and especially by the team that created and invented, the tool Palestine Remix.
The group of 35 listeners (excluding 4 Pro Israel activists) would be addressed by three people namely:
• Nourdin El Ouali,
• Dr. Abdelghani Mushtaha
• Rawan Damen

Pallywood poison in front of the Dutch Royal Palace in Amsterdam12928236_1602032610121219_2863446248363400398_n
Because this would be a day to grit my teeth and wisely keep my mouth shut. The plan was only to come and observe and learn, I decided to use this opportunity and first visit Dam Square in Amsterdam, where Mr S. Vrouwe with his car full of Palestinian propaganda, produced right in the living rooms of Pallywood, is spreading his poison on Dam Square. Having collected much needed documents I tried very nicely to enter into the discussion. But when i put down my sunglasses and Mister Vrouwe recognized me, he started to curse and tell me I was a brainwashed criminal, a war criminal who worked for the Nazi regime of Israel. A woman dressed in hijab seemed reasonable, seemed to want to speak decently. I told her that dialogue and facts are the only things that can normalize the situation somehow, told her that pictures of children slain in Syria and other coarse unverified “truths” could not … She was with me … there is still hope … Unfortunately, Mr Vrouwe, together with a sympathizer was almost loosing control and I was surrounded quickly by a group of very aggressive Israel haters, I remained polite, was filmed by Vrouwe but unfortunately that has not been published due to the fact that he could not me catch any dissonance.

Law enforcers
I decided to leave this pity bunch of people and to visit the police van, where a police officer did his best just to pretend he did not hear or see me. Your special reporter however does not give up easily and knocked on the windshield. “Yes” it sounded .. “Mr police officer can you tell me if this aggressive man is licensed to be there with his false propaganda” .. “No, you should not ask me, I’m only observing here” .. “Gee, sir, may I then stand next to him with Israeli propaganda stuff? “…. “No ma’am, not explicitly … for that you need a permit” …. “Mr police officer may this aggressive man just call me a criminal?” “Well ma’am, we in the Netherlands have freedom of expression” … After so much coöperation I had enough of this upholder of the law, and walked back to the pathetic club with Pallywood propaganda. To my great sorrow, I saw that a lot of money was donated in the offertory of Vrouwe. My unverified presumption is that this immediately will end up in the pocket of mister Vrouwe. Ofcourse i will never say this out loud . With one last look at the hate-polluted Dam I decided to go to the car and to move me to the event.

The Nelson Mandela Centre12936589_1601869720137508_1305800380249302985_n
A dark hall with a slide screen and a projector, two signs, one of Mem and one of Palestine remix. 3 with a headscarf adorned organizers, one without a headscarf, a nervous representative of Students for Palestine. 2 film cameras, two men with photo cameras.
Outside 4, until then, undercover Israel Supporters We had a mixed group of prominent Israel Haters. Thomas Beersum (Activist, Maoist head of SRP), which calls for armed struggle against Israel, calling for intifada and someone who calls himself El Amam and some other not so nice types. A total of 35 visitors i counted The atmosphere was jovial though I immediately noticed that we were not trusted. Everyone got a notebook and a pen (enough money to spent as it seemed) and Ms. Rawan Damen, filmmaker, kicked off.

Rawan Damen and a look behind the scenes of Pallywood
With a sob in her voice Mrs. Damen told how heavy her childhood was, how horrible Israel had treated her, how she was born in Amman and came to live in the West Bank. How bad she was at school, how she had studied, and how she eventually came to making movies.
She said she had four films all are available on Youtube:
Al Nakba
The Bitter Peace
The Price of Oslo
Owners of the land

Mrs Damen also made 4 documentaries, which can all be found on youtube, namely:
Jerusalem Hitting home
Born in 48
Going against the Grain
return to Morocco

Then it became clear why we were here. Mrs Damen along with a team within Al Jazeera developed a tool “Palestine Remix” which allows in a very simple way, with fragments from all eight documentaries that are available in several languages , (Bosnian, English, Arabic, Spanish) to create your own video. This by cutting and pasting the fragments you like. After creating your own Pallywood produced film, the film will be uploaded very easily on social media and goes around the world. Each film, each fragment thus is torn completely out of context. But Hey one may lie, it is the new form of activism …

Worse lies in the near future:
Soon we will be able to see a new documentary on Youtube namely about the barbaric Israeli army that used children as human shields. This documentary is getting produced at this moment and will appear soon on the channel of the Palestine Remix . Also, this offending films are published in more languages .. now over 34 films are online at the Palestine Remix page on YouTube.

The brainwashing of students has also begun
Proudly was shown a fragment of a Palestinian professor somewhere at a Dutch university with a name that sounds like  “Allah”(see photo) who uses Palestine Remix in his classes. So this is the way our students are getting brainwashed with hate.Knipsele



Nourdin El Ouali hatred in Rotterdam
Although mrs Damen hates Israel she is far away, but Nourdin is another story. A Gaza activist Moroccan descent, who also told with a sob in his voice that he became an activist because he saw his mom crying in front of the TV when there were images on TV of the genocide that Israel committed yet again.He is member of Nida party and GroenLinks. Active in the Rotterdam politics and organizers of the various demonstrations in 2014 and a participant in the Gaza flotilla. Scary idea that such a person is in politics and a serious signal to all Pro Israel activists, but that I describe later.

Nida has three main priorities:
• Rotterdam and Gaza City to be partner city (because Rotterdam know how it feels to be constantly bombarded ….)
• AWARENESS … Public action and fundraising for schools and hospitals in Gaza
• Spreading the word Online: Bombing of social media using Palestine Remix and the motto spreading your own narrative … in other words … Fabricate your own vision in a new Pallywood video and spread the lie.
Also”friend”Nourradin tells how Israel army is killing kids, 3 a week and uses them as human shields. He is proud that he can tell people the truth about Palestine with the help of the movie “Do you care”. Salient detail: This movie is working on the emotions of people through … .. That’s right …. Children. Pallywood propaganda that has already poisoned the air in 2014.

Dr. Abdelghani Mushtaha a Doctor of what we already know?
This speaker was actually a stranger in our midst. He said he lives in Belgium, is manager at Sony, founder of an Islamic platform in belgium, which also extends to the Netherlands because Islam is currently the largest religion in Belgium.
His goal is how he can promote most succesful Pallywood production made by Palestine remix.. He explains what tools he uses to reach a large as possible audience.

The lesson that Israel Zionists and pro-Israel activists must learn!
Israel is my heart and soul, I hate it to criticize, would rather not. But now it has to happen
Israel is losing the most important war … The war in (social) media.
Antisemitism, BDS, UN resolutions … Everything is secondary to the social media war .. you win that war, you win everything … When you  loose … you are lost…
With (social) media you affected people, People choose politicians, And politics can influence the situation in the Middle East. Social media war is of the utmost importance … more important than anything else … Unfortunately, our “Palestinian friends” have a huge advantage and knew this already longtime.
Now we need to start to Run, stop being arrogant, stop shouting well it does not make any sense.. it does not help.. Action is required. Now!!!…
I have plenty of ideas, lots of plans .. but about that i will write later…
Israel needs to win this war before it is too late!!

About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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