The meaning of life according Sabine


Specially in sad periods of times, with lost dreams, lost futures, lost hopes i  need to write my emotions down.. i collect them here on this page .. sometimes you can  click on a date and you will hear the suitable song for  that period in life.. enjoy..


September 2019- Empty (click here)
September 2019- Wij (click here)
Juni 2019- Bulletproof (click here)
March 2018 Betrayel  (click here)
Januari 2018 Power of love ( click here)
October 2017- Let’s stay together (click here)
June 2017- the reason for living according Sabine part 5 (Click here)
January 2017 Empathy ( click here)
October 2016 The meaning of life part 4 (click here)
November 2015-The meaning of life part 3 (click here)
June 2015  Martyrs (click here)
September 2010- Untouchable  (click here)
February 2010- The meaning of life according Sabine part 1(click here)
Year 2009- Life (click here)
Year 2009- My rollercoaster life (click here)