A miracle

Israeli’s are loud people, when they talk it is like they have a fight always. They do not know how to stand in a line and when they are in nature generally you will find a lot of paper and garbage. During visits to places in nature, there will be a big chance you get interrupted by the smoke and smell of barbecue and the loud music from transistor radio’s that are polluting the air and are chasing away all wildlife in the close and far neighbourhoods. Picking oranges in January? miracle 5The tree will be happy if it is surviving, big guys are teaching their kids how to push and pull the tree, how to break branches in order to get as many as possible orange and they do not care less that the tree is suffering by this treatment . If you know that most of the people in Israel has been serving IDF, it is astounding to see how the attitude towards the environnement after the army became so different.

And now i did not even talked about the traffic, as a person that drives many many kilometers a year i can tell you that i am scared as hell when i take my car into the Israeli traffic. Pressing the horn loud when you are in the line at the traffic light the second the light turns green… You can not even take a breath before the hysterical noise of people that are pressing the horn starts. People that are passing you left and right in the same time, even if the road is a oneway road or the traffic jams that occures when people try to get into a line into a two lines one-direction road… It is normal here, Israelis’s make from 2 lines easily 4 lines… and shouting, scolding, pressing the horn .. as a hell on earth… and don’t let me start about the attitude on parking places… Sometimes i can understand the Israel hater, because,  when you are honest, the attitude of people can be more then horrible…. Like every where in this world.

But why, why does my heart opens the soon i set foot on israeli ground? Why i walk with a smile on my face through the streets of Israel? Why my heart opens when i only hear the hebrew language?miracle 1 If you read the sentences above, it is not less then a miracle… but where in the world you see so much solidarity if something is wrong or when the country or when the people are under attack. As an example i point to the arson that led tot he forest fires from november 2016. People were as one… they helped eachother out and stood side by side to help the victims. The positive attitude towards life is touching, maybe because the nation is used to live under tension. Israeli’s in general are warm passionate people, no stranger is really a stranger. I recall the moment i was in Thailand in a bus with my kids, i heared a lot of noise, loud speaking, loud laughing people.. hebrew… Israeli’s. It was in the early morning, we did not had breakfast yet. The young Israeli man was eating a sandwich, my youngest son looked at him and immediately he broke his sandwich in two and gave my son the other half… heartwarming generosity that i never experienced in an other country.miracle 2

Also there is the IDF, Israel’s army. Almost every young boy or girl serves the country. You see no cruelty, you see the joy of life and the care for other humans weither they are Jewish or Arabs, basically everybody is human and even in times of war the army is concerned about the civilions.miracle 3

In the war in Gaza 2014, operation protective edge, one could see how the army was notifying the civil population that there would be a bombing in that area soon, which army does that? Fantastic that despite the terror Israeli army is facing each and every day, the morality of that same army is so high. I salute each and every soldier, touching and heartwarming to see and to experience.

Hundreds of reasons to love Israel, make the bad things dissapear. Ofcourse Israel and Israeli are not perfect, but i never saw a country in my life that does so much efforts to be on such a high level of morality. I salute Israel and i salute Israel’s people…. It is a honor to stand with this beautiful country and nation.

miracle 4

About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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