June 2017 ( the reason for living according Sabine….no not monty python part 5)

June 2017

Life…. ( the reason for living according Sabine….no not monty python part 5)

Life is about trust
Life is about respect
Life is about happiness
Life is about development
Life is about sharing
Life is about Love….

How much one can trust when you get betrayed
How much one can respect when you are treated disrespectful
How much one can be happy when the tears are streaming
How much one can develop when there is no money
How much one can share when you feel all alone
How much one can love in a world full of hate

Trust yourself
Respect yourself
Happiness is to find within you
Development start by knowing yourself
Share your feelings with the world
Love first yourself before you love anyone else

The world is a cirkel… everything comes back to you
Trust now
Respect now
be happy now
develop now
share now
Love now

My grandmother ones said….

Live now, be happy now, love now
Release your heart!
Make sure your path of life is not covered with hundred and one minor concerns.
Do not forget that each day is given to you as an eternity to be happy…

About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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