September 2010-Untouchable, the meaning of life part 2

september 2010


Untouchable i am…
A lifetime of deep pain, a lifetime of happiness,
a lifetime of experience,

Untouchable i am.
Young enough to give my heart to the one that really deserves it, old enough to see who is worth it.
Untouchable i am.
No need to fight for the one i love, if he is true he will show, if he is not true, i just let go
A lifetime in the past where i was vulnerable, a full box of precious knowledge.
Untouchable i am
Smiling at the fools that have no ideas of my plans.. smiling of the girl that thinks she got it all
Years has gone bye and learned me the true value of life….
To be untouchable for the scum of the earth
touchable for the ones i love..

touchable for Him.. Never thought i would feel so much for him…Untouchabletouchable for the cheater and the fool..

(by: Sabine Sterk the meaning of life part 2)

About The other side IsReal

My name is Sabine, living in Holland but with a heart and Soul in Israel.. Proud Zionist, with a mission to tell the truth
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