United Nations or United Nonsens

Barry Shaw​ posted on Facebook Israel was condemned by UN by the horrible conditions the Druze live in…well your special reporter, Sabine Sterk​, ..went up north and went to see this horrors committted by horrible bad Israel…

We drove north, soon we arrived in Galilea , beautiful.Galilea with the extremely rich flora and fauna, i noticed the small villages, nice and clean, mostly arabic, further north we arrived on Golan…we drove through Druze villages, all of them with huge houses,..expensive cars, amazing shops as you can see on my photo’s on Facebook. The older people wear their traditional outfit, the younger generation dressed western like, both women and men You see churches in villages, markets,children .playing…Jews, christian, muslim shopping in the same shops, above all you feel the peace and harmony,..nothing there could convince me of a bad situation…well maybe the fact you have to live with the knowledge that the most evil barberians of this time are just 60 km away…IS in Damascus…is it because of that that so many Druze join the IDF, and most of them even as a combat soldier? Proud, strong?
Well as a child of a father that joined the United Nations peace keeping forces and lived in Damascus.Syria ofcourse i could not resist to go and watch Syria…we went to a place called Coffee Anan 🙂 and i was surpriced to officers from Argentina Army holding position on the OP(observation post) looking at qunaitra…for the first time in 35 years i saw Syria again, in a strange way it was very emotional..to know how things changed…to know about the awful situation in Syria
To know the United Nation condemning Israel ,and seeing the difference, the luxery living of the Druze in Israel and the barberic animals of IS just 60 km further….UN is watching there and are totally blind…..after this emotional encounter we went to see a druze family, talked about the refugees…they tell Europe is committing suicide…these are no refugees..these are economical migrants with falcifide papers…among them at least 1000 IS members…..the man told..the promissed the attack in Paris, they promissed the attacks in Bruxelles and they promissed these attacks in London, wait and see…this comes from a Drize family living 60 km south of Damascus…this are not my words..as a so called racist but words from someone that speaks the same language as IS….to make a point…
Back on topic…the Situation of the Druze….this guy had a small (!!!!) house…, he has a job with good salary and special benefits like one week a year to a hotel all inclusive with his entire huge family…if he needs to build extra space in his small house(more a castle) he does not need to have permission..tax is lower or not excist….to make a long story short..shame on you UNITED NONSENS

About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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