Fakebook and stimulation of Israel hate

That newspapers are not very Pro-Israel is, unfortunately, well known. Israeli victims of terroristic Palestinian violence are mostly ignored, the cause is downplayed ; “Israeli woman deceased by incident” instead of “Israeli woman killed by terrorists or is completely not mentioned.   Palestinians arrested, wounded or slain upon arrest are almost always innocent passers-by. The attitude of, according them, the most terrible army in the world, made them somewhat frustrated .. It is not their fault, oh no…they never got a kiss from mommy in their youth .. Shame on Israel !!!

This attitude of media is familiar to us all but the world of Facebook is also changing dramatically fast. It is changing into the most anti-Semitic social media platform in the world.
For example: Mrs. J.B. posted a few pretty pictures and articles about Israel and she reported the terrible Facebook page “Dead to Israel”  to the Facebook authorities.

( Facebook community “dead to Israel” promotes openly terrorisme )

This Facebook page calls openly for the destruction of the state of Israel and its Jewish residents. A good deed to report so much aggression. Social media should no be the place for pages calling for the death of others.
But no, Mrs. JB was put into Facebook jail for one day and also Fakebook removed all her peaceful postings about Israel.13315239_507012379488264_2683537477820372010_n A truly upside down situation and I say it very carefully. It looks like The moderators of Facebook are planning to ban systematically all positive image regarding Israel from the social media world

It is a war that is going on and which escalates unnoticed.
Israel can not be marked as positive according Fakebook police. Pages where murder is being promoted apparently are part of the normal policies of Facebook. But peaceful posts are removed by Facebook, hate posts in the same time are protected and left alone
Is it not time to file massive complaints alleging discrimination? Is it not time to create a whole new network worldwide with a few ICT professionals, so Facebook with his anti-Semitic, discriminatory policy can vanish silently

I say .. I’m in , i go for it.. let us leave Fakebook …. Let us all together usher in a new era .. I suggest we start:
SOMECO … a new social media network where there is no place for “death to” post ..


About The other side IsReal

My name is Sabine, living in Holland but with a heart and Soul in Israel.. Proud Zionist, with a mission to tell the truth
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4 Responses to Fakebook and stimulation of Israel hate

  1. lyaffa1 says:

    And yet they have declared that they will appoint people to monitor hate speech on Facebook… Seems to me one of the two:
    1. They have appoint to that mission only Antisemite…
    2. They haven’t started yet…

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  2. Lynn Warren says:

    There is a new social media app called MEWE. I agree, we should all leave FACISTBOOK.


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