Open letter to the UN

Open letter to the United Nations, to the EU Parliament, to Dutch Parliament,

Dear members,

I am a human, i am a citizen of the world, my family lived in Germany, in Syria, in Israel and also in Indonesia. My brother is born in Paris I am born in Holland. I am not a Jew, I am not a Christian, I am not a Muslim, I am not a Buddhist. I did not subscribed to any religion, any occult organization, not even a political party. I am not left winged, I am not right winged. I love animals, I love nature and I hate exploitation, I hate lies and deceit, I hate injustice. I have my mistakes, I have my problems, I have my good features and absolutely my bad features, I have my children, my work, my dreams, my passion, my fears. I am all and above all,I am a human.

This humble human is addressing herself now directly to you. On the eve of the starting of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday of the light, the holiday of the miracle, it became clear that nearly all the members of the United Nations voted in favor of yet another malicious resolution against the State of Israel and her Jewish Inhabitants. They were not bothered by any historical knowledge nor with any inner self-reflection. It seems you were led by a strong anti-Israel sentiment, perhaps even anti-Semitism, which was fueled by false propaganda and disinformation. Also political motives were behind this debilitating voting. Whatever it was, it has become very clear that fairness, loyality, justice and humanity were sacrificed for expediency. That this is a license for hostile and antisemitic elements in the Middle East region to persecute and even murder the Jewish inhabitants of Israel did not bother one of the members that voted in favor of this resolution. What happened with NEVER AGAIN?

The objective for signing the Resolution was supposedly in order to help pave the way towards a Two State solution. But, the very first step required for such Two State to ever even be considered and viable is the Palestians overt and formal recognition that Israel, as a nation on its current location has a Right to Exist. Neither the Palestinian Authorities, nor Hamas, have ever formally declared Israel’s Right to Exist. Settlements, boundaries, territories, East/West Jerusalem, and so forth… All those topics are secondary to the essential first step that Palestinian leadership needs to formally declare Israel’s Right to Exist. This Resolution was silent on this.

Dear members of the United Nations, dear members of the EU parliament, dear members of the Dutch Parliament, did you ever looked with an open mind, a clear vision to the situation in the Middle East in general and to Israel especially? Did you saw the devastation in Iraq, the situation in Syria, where IS is fighting Assad, Where Assad is fighting rebels, where Turkey is bombing Kurds, where the situation is completely out of control, thousands and thousands people are murdered by cruelty, by savages. Nobody knows who is the bad guy and who is the good, if any? Did you looked into the eyes of dying men, women and children of Aleppo, did you United Nations??

Or did you see, how Israel turned the dry desert into an oasis of green. Did you ever walked at Ben Gurion Airport and saw the many many pictures of Jewish Nobelprice winners? Did you realize the significant contribution of Israel to the world, to healthcare, to hightech, to innovations? Israel the start-up nation fighting for a good future for all humans? Did you knew United Nations that Israel is always first to help wherever and whenever a (natural) disaster hit a country or people? Did you knew members of the United Nations, EU parliament, Dutch Parliament how terrible small Israel is?

Did you knew that the so called occupied territories once belonged to the Jewish people thousands of years ago? No, this statement is not made by religious reasons. You only have to visit the country of Israel and see the ancient signs of the existence, for example the remains of the Temple in Jerusalem, the coins with Hebrew marks, it goes back long before the religion Islam started to excist and centuries before Arafat decided to invent the Palestinian people.

Did you realized that the so called occupied territories are librated due to wars, that were not started by Israel in the first place, but were  won by Israel against all odds  after they were attacted by the same elements that are now endangering the Middle east and are endangering the world?  Did you realize the  strategic importance of  this areas  for Israel? For the World? Israel is the gateway to civilization.

l’histoire se répète, the French say, the history is repeating herself.  Now it are not the Romans, the Greec, the Crusaders, the Turks, the Ottomans etc etc.. now the United Nations with the United States upfront is trying to sent the Jewish people back in diaspora. What happened with Never Again United Nations ?

Was your goal not to protect the world for injustice, to cooperate and make the world a better place? You failed United Nations.. you failed bigtime.. As an organization but utmost as humans..

My wish for 2017 for you.. Make the world a better place, where justice, and fairness is ruling. Where there is no place for cruelty, where people can look eachother in the eyes and start talking. Talking and accepting eachother is the start of worldpeace.

Above all I wish all of you will change from Political pawn into Human beings, with heart, soul and brains.

Make the United Nonsens the United Nations again,

Time To Stand Up For Israel
Sabine Sterk ( co-founder)


About The other side Is Real

My name is Sabine Sterk and since I was very young I was a fanatic Israeli supporter. My father worked for the UNTSO and was sent to the Middle East when I was 12 years old. I lived in Syria and Israel and saw from a young age the difference between the cultures… When I returned to the Netherlands I noticed that the Anti Israel sentiment was increasing and I started to fight this. I admire Israel for all the good things that are achieved in the country. I am not religious and my motto is: Israel has the right to exist and Israel has the right to defend herself. As long as I live I will stand up for Israel and speak out on behalf of her. My ultimate dream is to find work in Israel or for Israel… I still hope to Fulfill that dream anytime soon… There is nothing I want more. I am passionate, a true Zionist supporter, enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, honest but always try to live the best I can.
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5 Responses to Open letter to the UN

  1. petri says:

    Will you please translate the letter in dutch


  2. Henk van Heerde says:

    De in hoge cultuur gebrachte Gazastrook, waar veel Palestijnen een goed betaalde baan hadden, werd eenzijdig door Israël verlaten, op initiatief van wijlen Ariel Sharon, en in no time was alles een grote woestenij. zonder enige kans op werk.


  3. Samuel Deche says:

    I find it quite unwise, for the UN to do such a mistake of voting against Israel! true the outgoing US president and the outgoing UN general secretary they are both BB’s who hate the true light of the world, which is Israel, please both US and UN stop it.

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  4. Ineke Verschoor says:

    Geweldig Sabine.

    Ineke Verschoor


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