In this crazy world where anti-Semitism and Israel hate is rising sky high, where you must look with a magnifier to search for people that are loving and supporting Israel unconditionally, where there is always one to blame namely” the Zionists” ( meaning “the Jews”) you must keep your moral standards sky high, as a nation and as a people. Be aware that it costs years to build up Trust and it takes seconds to destroy it.

Blog 3

Back from my third trip to Israel in 2018, I am again impressed. Israel is a high-Tech country, start-up nation. In security and intelligence, they are top of the top. A western country, a democracy, a country where people, as you can see in different statistics, in general are happy to live in.

Israel the melting pot of nations; the American Jews, the Russian, East European , west European, south European, Ashkenazi, the Tsafardi , Jews from Arabic countries. The Muslims and the Christians all living in this modern state, which I admire so much.

In this country we find many people with great innovative ideas and programs, One of this persons is Sharon Gal Or or better known as Gal Orian. He invented the ”Ting” game, a card game for practicing and studying inventions and technologies in Israel.  Blog 1

However, this game is excellent to stimulate group bonding and global communication and innovation too and can easily lead to more understanding and goodwill between people and nations all over the world.

With communication, starts understanding and with understanding you earn trust and goodwill. So, with all this amazing achievements from Israelis, with all my admiration and love for the country, there is one thing that keeps bothering me. Why everything is difficult in the most modern and sophisticated, country there is? Educated people that are working in developed companies are just not keeping their promises, from University until Knesset, from a shop near the beach to the highly skilled NGO’s, if it comes to organizing, time schedules and or correct payments suddenly Israel is back where it is in fact situated, in the Middle East, with Middle eastern mentality.

Blog 2

When a western company delivers something to an Israeli company/NGO, they expect correct and timely payment. When you don’t do that you break trust and you destroy your goodwill. It is not that difficult and when companies/ people will change their attitude and start to be more serious and reliable it will be a win win situation. Israel is amazing but it can be the absolute best with a little change of attitude.

Remember to build up trust takes years, but you can destroy it with a single action in a few seconds.

Blog 4

About The other side IsReal

My name is Sabine, living in Holland but with a heart and Soul in Israel.. Proud Zionist, with a mission to tell the truth
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